Coin Loan – Another Crypto Asset Manager App

As you know this kind of applications are too many in the market. Why I write that? Because it is different concept. Among other things, Coin Loan allows you to borrow some money 😀

Coin Loan has a great design firstly. I prefer to use a good design that makes me want to use that wallet more. This is one of them. Buying crypto from Binance constantly is can be boring a while later 😀 Coin Loan is the door that you escape.

In their website, I see they are trusting on safety so much. It is a good thing, but hard. So many companies have been unable to run from hackers. I think when it comes to being safe, we believe what companies tells us.

Taking loan while you are managing your asset can be useful. You get into the app with a certain collateral amount of money and you take a little bit less than the collateral amount. After paying debt, you take your assets instantly. Think about it, while you have the token, you can still use the money. After any time like 1 year, you can repay and claim your asset.

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Image-1: Instant Loan Section –

Most attractive thing about that brand is the design. You know some of the detailed-focused wallets & trading apps that has nothing to do with user experience. It is not one of them. All the buttons, colors, sections etc. are great for the customers.

There is CoinLoan Token in ETH blockchain. It is the native utility asset applied on the CoinLoan platform. There are privileges if you use Coin Loan Token like 50% discount on borrowing fees when paying with CLT.


If you want to buy & sell crypto I would highly recommend this one. Mostly because of the interface but if you use the loan feature smartly, there can be clever things to do, who knows? I say, we need it.


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