Image 1 : Iluma Website
Image 1 : Iluma Website

ILUMA has raised $2.5 million in pre-seed funding led by Acrew Capital to build the ‘Superhuman of Web3’ with its platform for AI-powered and DAO builders to power the future decacorns of Web3. 

ILUMA organized a $2.5 million pre-seed round led by Acrew Capital with the participation of HiveHatch and Orange DAO, in October, in addition to other leading Web3 investors.  It’s currently powers Orange DAO, one of the leading communities building the future of web3 with 1,200+ Y Combinator founders and $50 million web3 mutual funds.

The company was founded by Y Combinator alum and AI leader Ricardo Garcia-Amaya. 

With more than 20 years of experience in building strong networks and communities, Ricardo is also a member of the YCombinator Alumni group (more than 4,000 top tech founders and a $600 billion valuation) and is the founder of the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders group (founder of $16 billion). 

They raised $7 million for their previous company, which was sponsored by Y Combinator and focused on speech-based artificial intelligence software, and is currently serving his second term as a Steering committee member of the Orange DAO.

ILUMA is solving one of the biggest problems of Web3 communities and DAOs: members and leaders spend precious time sifting through information buried in an ocean of chatter and documentation spread across different communication platforms, documentation sites and databases. New projects and proposals are being created every day, information moves quickly, leaders change periodically, and new members join every day.

Iluma Backed by Orange DAO
Iluma Backed by Orange DAO

Using powerful AI, ILUMA provides DAO and Web3 community leaders and members the ‘superhuman’ ability to stay up to date and complete hundreds of conversations in minutes and contribute to relevant discussions as they arise. Its self-learning core captures and sorts the most critical DAO data, forming the DAO’s corporate information center. Using this, leaders can create a well-rounded recruitment experience, easily understand where members are best suited to the DAO, and create opportunities for members to get involved and contribute effectively.

ILUMA is offering invitation-only access in the current layout and will launch a kick-off tour later this year.


ILUMA is building an autonomous solution to deploy, manage, engage and support the next 3M DAO communities on the Web1. The ‘Superhuman’ inbox allows DAO and web3 community leaders and members to complete community conversations in minutes and respond to important discussions faster. ILUMA is also your portal to your DAO. Easily find critical DAO and member data to better understand what’s happening in the DAO on a daily basis, make informed decisions, and create opportunities for members to contribute.

About DAOs

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), which are internet-based and operated organizations that are collectively owned and managed by their members, are the preferred structure when it comes to collective creation on web3. Despite the current bearish markets, the number of DAOs continues to grow rapidly, with over 1 million DAOs expected to be created in the next 12 months.

Iluma Partners
Iluma Partners


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