Spheron Partnership with DeTaSECURE

Spheron recently announced a strategic partnership with DeTaSECURE. We can say that the main purpose of the partnership is to solve security breaches and various security problems on the web. With this partnership, Spheron and DeTaSECURE aim to provide mutual access to the products available on their platforms. We can say that both sides are very happy with this partnership.

CEO quote from DeTaSECURE: “In the web3 sector, the amount of data breaches and attacks are increasing at an astounding rate. And with malicious intent, hackers steal a sizeable sum of money. We want to work with Spheron to support the broader developer community in creating safe web3 products. We also want to educate the web3 community about best practices and frameworks that help create a safer and more reliable product.”

CEO quote from Spheron: Prashant Maurya, CEO, and Co-founder of Spheron Protocol, is excited about partnering with DeTaSECURE, a world-class security scanning tool. This next-gen security scanning function will help eliminate the vulnerabilities in the new web and provide web3 adopters with a safe and secure user experience.


About Spheron

Spheron is a decentralized platform created for developers to automate dApps. It provides features such as rapid deployment, automatic scaling and personalized content delivery in decentralized networks that developers can use in their projects while previewing these projects and then distributing them from a single centre.


DeTaSECURE is a cyber security company that provides cyber security applications in industries such as Web 3.0, finance, e-commerce, health and insurance. This platform, which tries to solve the security problems of enterprises without harming the business continuity and minimizing security costs, offers its customers services such as smart contract audit, web/mobile application security audit, penetration testing, data breach discovery and analysis, threat modelling and employee security awareness training.




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