Sei and Alpha Venture DAO Collaborate

Sei and Alpha Venture DAO together to offer DeFi builders a customized experience. Alpha Incubate Batch 2 brings together developers and the top Web 3.0 brains. You can thus increase the potential for DeFi innovation.

What is Sei?

Sei is the first industry-specific Layer 1 optimized for trade and the fastest chain to finality. Moreover, Sei is teaming with Alpha Venture DAO for “Alpha Incubate Batch 2,” a customized incubation program concentrating on DeFi.

Together, they deliver a thorough, individualized mentoring experience in this 12-week program for you to accelerate your DeFi initiatives, together with other illustrious mentors from the Alpha Network.

As a result, Layer 1 is the perfect environment for DEXs, thanks to Sei’s careful selection of a particular set of tradeoffs. Furthermore, Sei has one of the most complete ecosystems that is ready to help DeFi projects succeed.

What Makes Alpha Incubate Appealing to You?

Alpha Incubate reviews each project individually to match you with mentors who have the unique functional and industry experience your project requires. Then, to help you achieve your goals, your mentors offer guidance, resources, and support to help you co-create customized plans. This way, you can learn what steps to take and how to take them with the help of a mentor.

About Alpha Incubate

Alpha Ventures DAO is a group of courageous people who want to influence the direction of Web 3. redefining the creation, ownership, and contribution of decentralized applications. With the help of the entire ecosystem of Web3 consumers, investors, and innovators, builders may launch their Web3 initiatives. Early on, users can participate in and own Web3 projects.

About Sei Network

Sei is the first Layer 1 blockchain that is industry-specific and focused on trade, giving exchanges an unfair advantage.


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