Rusk Media Raises $9.5 Million in Series A Funding For Blockchain-Based UGC Gaming Platform

Rusk Media
Rusk Media

Nowadays, entertainment industries are also entering this platform with blockchain-based projects, especially those connected to the gaming sector.

Rusk Media also started to create a UGC-Led gaming platform in this area. And they collected a good level of funds and support.

Targeting GenZ audiences, Indian-based digital entertainment company Rusk Media Pvt Ltd has participated in an extended series A funding round to launch a blockchain-based UGC-led gaming platform. It raised over $9.5 million in funding in the series A Round. Seoul-based DAOL Investment and Audacity Ventures led the extension round with existing investors InfoEdge Ventures (IEV), Mistry Ventures, Survam Partners.

If we look at the funding that Rusk Media has raised in the last three years, it has raised a total of $12 million in funding. He is a really serious figure and counts Nazara Games and NODWIN Gaming, among others, as his investors. The New Delhi-based company is known for its content and IPS on social channels. and his shows on the Playground and OTT Platforms, which have more than 500 Million monthly views.

Mayank Yadav, CEO of Rusk Media, said, “With the behavioral change of digital native viewers, entertainment has evolved into 30-second snack social videos, OTT shows, casual and AAA games. Our future plans are twofold – firstly, to scale our content with OTT partners through our IPS in India and the rest of the world, Playground is leading our expansion globally. Secondly, to create a UGC-led social gaming platform that will allow game developers to create games using our game developer application that plans to take advantage of blockchain technology and publish them on our platform.” said.

Rusk Media, which currently creates entertainment video content for corporate audiences, will soon launch a UGC-led social gaming platform. UGC game creation is becoming widely popular around the world with platforms like Roblox becoming prime targets for the 8-14 age group in the US and Southeast Asia, and Rusk’s platform will enable game developers to create games using Rusk IP, which can be accessed for free.

In summary, the meeting of blockchain with the power of Rusk Media in the social field creates excitement. In particular, the partnerships of CoinDCX, AMD, Xaomi, Gigabyte, Philips and others media partners are also names that we all see.

With these developments and an upcoming UGC social gaming platform along with the newly acquired capital, Rusk Media is determined to fulfill its promise of disrupting the entire entertainment ecosystem.

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