My Meta Farm: Web3 Sanalika

As you can see from the title, this game is literally new world’s Sanalika with some attributes. You can create 3D avatars, play some little games, purchase some clothes and purchase NFTs. Game is on the Polygon Network of course. It is more useful for these projects.

There are three kinds of NFTs in the game;

  • LAND
  • Fashion items
  • Creation items
  • Special event items

You can own lands in the game like other items. My Meta Farm is f2p but you can strive with the items you purchase.

Now most important thing about this project is actually making this game a GAME, more than an investment. Most games in web3 are nowadays just for earning money. This one is focused on the metverse-socializing experience more than earning money. So p2e features are not very prominent.

Target audience are probably not the people reading article, actually this audience barely read stuff I suppose. 15-20 age range is what I see at the first look. Grown people does play this game too actually. Mostly retired etc. But it is new so, many people would go into the game and play.

Three types of NFTs are being used in MMF. For token, ERC-721, For items, ERC-721, for stackable items, ERC-1155. Everything seems okey in that area.

Project is mostly done btw. Game is available, they started at Q3-21 and roadmap seems on the stroke. You can just go to their website and download the game, purchase NFT, have some BF & GF 😀 It is fun to kill some time.

Take a look at the tokenomics too. It has a proper distribution:

For more information & details about the My Meta Farm, you can check the whitepaper.


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