LandX – KlimaDAO Partnership

    LandX has announced its new partnership with KlimaDAO, a DeFi project that challenges climate change and is the center of a new green economy.

    LandX Choice participates in the Klima Infinity program, which uses a range of DeFi technologies to enable them to demonstrate in a verifiable way that they are offsetting their carbon footprint.

    Both sides share a common vision of a sustainable future built around renewable finance. The products will also enable tokenization of real-world assets into decentralized finance.

    LandX is buying and decommissioning 400 tons of carbon credits using the Air Conditioner Infinity package. Thanks to this initiative, LandX hopes to become carbon neutral in 2022 and continue to implement a carbon-neutral strategy into the future. The transparency of blockchain technology proves that LANDX’s transactions are fully visible and verifiable.


    LandX chose KlimaDAO for their carbon offset efforts as they are the market leader in on-chain carbon credits. The actions they have taken to date have had an impact equivalent to the planting of 89,948 hectares of forest.

    LandX Choice, LandX’s initiative to promote responsible land management for a sustainable future, announced the launch of its first sustainability program. LandX Choice programs are funded by a portion of the protocol fees, which are reinvested in such sustainability programs.

    LandX Choice has committed to reinvesting in the following areas:

  • Training for land operators
  • ESG programs and certification
  • SDG certificates
  • Financial participation training
  • Agricultural monitoring technology
  • Sustainable agriculture tools and equipment

    The emerging blockchain sector has the opportunity to use it as a tool for solving systemic problems in the capital and recreating natural environments. As Fintech evolves, there is an opportunity to do things in a better, fairer, open and sustainable way. It is leading the new era of sustainable finance.

    LandX is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is encouraging other organizations in the blockchain sector to do the same. LandX is leading by example and setting the standard for sustainability in the blockchain industry.

    Carbon offsetting is the process by which an organization uses the capital generated from token purchases to finance green initiatives that counteract greenhouse gas emissions. In simple terms, anyone can calculate how much carbon they use per year and then retire their carbon credits to offset this effect.

    About KlimaDAO

        Building on the energy-efficient Polygon network, KlimaDAO uses a range of technologies to reduce market fragmentation and accelerate funding for sustainability projects globally.

    About LandX

       LandX is basically a perpetual commodity bond protocol that provides investors with inflation-protected returns backed by a legal contract secured on farmland. By making perpetual bonds available as a liquid digital asset, LandX offers unbound, inflation-protected diversification.

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