Interview with The Pack Studios in Game Istanbul (GIST) Event

About The Pack Studios

They are gaming enthusiasts! They are development junkies! They are professionals who never lose amateur spirit! Beside gaming development, they’re developing VR experiences and mobile goods too.

 Cihan Tutum-Lead Executive at The Pack Studios

He is founding Partner & Lead Executive at The Pack Studios. He is a gaming fancier which skilled with analytical thinking, expert communication skills and strong relationship ability. He is a dedicated to business and learning enthusiast.

Av. Doruk Ayar-Game Developer of The Pack Studios

Doruk Ayar, who finished primary and high school in Antalya, started his university education at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law, but came to Ankara for various reasons and had the opportunity to finish at Atılım University Faculty of Law.

As of 2016, Doruk AYAR, who has been practicing his profession as a freelance lawyer in Ankara for a while, moved to Izmir during the pandemic period and registered with the Izmir Bar Association. He has improved himself in various fields during his education process and has been the head of many organizations. He is also a Lead Developer at The Pack Studios, a game company he co-founded. In addition to these, he is currently providing game development consultancy for Digi Game Startup.

Working especially in the fields of insurance law, informatics and tourism, Doruk has an Actuarial Account Expert certificate and is competent in areas such as Administrative Law, Labor Law, IT Law, Gaming Law, Intellectual Property Law, Sports Law, Enforcement Law, Contract and Investment Consulting.

He is one of the few people working in the field of Digital Game Law in Turkey. He also have articles in the Ustad Magazine on this subject.

He has knowledge in sectoral subjects such as Web Design, Article Writing, Video Games, Project Management, Corporate Law, Labor Law, Public Law, Game Development. In addition, he can actively use Unreal Engine, Photoshop, CSS, HTML5, Microsoft Office tools.

He speaks English as a Foreign language. 

Contact information :

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Twitter : dorukayar

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Erman Utku Erciyas-Lead Level Designer

He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Computer Science Department in 2014. Erman Utku, who started his working life in the first years of his university years, first worked as an intern at BIS (Business Ingration Services) for about 4 months, and then started to work full-time as a software developer in 2011. Right after the end of his university life, he worked as a Senior Software Developer for 1 year and 6 months at Rota Internet Technology Services. After working as a Freelance Writer for more than 3 years, Erman gained experience in companies such as Digitürk and Eksera Elektronik Computer, and also produced content on science, history and agenda topics on Youtube.     After working as Back-End Developer and Database Admin in the software industry since 2010, Erman, who established 3 partners Antares Bilişim and Digital Marketing, currently has 3 business lines. These are; 

Co-Founder – Antares Digital Software Services  

Mentor – Digi Game Startup Studio 

Lead Level Designer & Founding Partner – The Pack Studios 

He has skills and experience in Background Web Development, Web Applications, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and SQL. He also has a good level of English as a foreign language.

Communication : 

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Twitter : ErmanUtku

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