Interview with Batuhan Avucan – Founding & Managing Director – Mobidictum

Who is Batuhan Avucan?

Batuhan Avucan, Mobidictum manager, was born in Istanbul in 1991. He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Computer Science Department in Turkey. He completed his master’s at TalTech (Tallinn University Of Technology) in Estonia.

Batuhan Avucan, an entrepreneur who has dreamed of starting his own game company since his childhood, has been living in Estonia for 7 years. There is currently a gaming company abroad.

Avucan sets out with the goal of game development at the beginning. After several attempts, a game called “Football Expert” is born. Despite the potential for this game to go viral, it cannot achieve the desired success due to insufficient marketing.

How Did Mobidictum Get Started?

Batuhan Avucan, who has gone through such an adventure, realizes that there is no media platform that can make the voices of independent mobile developers heard. This is how the initial foundations of Mobidictum were laid. Mobidictum, which was originally born as a hobby project, is becoming the leading game industry media and event company in Turkey over time.

The company brought together both the Turkish gaming industry and many international companies at the Mobidictum Business Conference 2022 in the Golden Horn. Before the conference, Avucan underlined the global character of the gaming industry and mentioned that it organized the biggest event in Turkey.

He runs the mobile gaming news website Mobidictum since 2015.

Batuhan Avucan Experiences;

-Founder & Managing DirectorFounder & Managing Director

-Chief Marketing OfficerChief Marketing Officer

-Advertiser Manager – Direct PartnershipsAdvertiser Manager – Direct Partnerships


-Marketing and Business Development Consultant

-Turkish Community Moderator – Volunteer ProgramTurkish Community Moderator – Volunteer Program


-Product Management InternshipProduct Management Internship / Netmarble UK

Areas Of Expertise

Strategy and Planning




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