DeQuest Partnership with My Meta Farm

DeQuest, which has adopted the mission of creating GameFi communities by partnering with GameFi projects from different genres for its platform, partnered with My Meta Farm, considering that they are suitable for this mission. My Meta Farm, a browser-based NFT P2E game, gave the good news that there will be surprising events with this partnership. Although My Meta Farm says that these surprise events are still in the preparation stage and cannot explain further, we can say that it has managed to excite users. In addition, the Soulbound tokens available on the DeQuest platform will also be integrated into My Meta Farm via MetaPassport. Soulbound tokens are not tradeable tokens like other tokens you know. We can explain the Soulbound token as some in-game tasks and reputation points that you can earn with your gaming skills.

DeQuest&My Meta Farm
DeQuest&My Meta Farm

About DeQuest

DeQuest sees the difficulty of finding decent projects as a problem, mainly due to the large number of GameFi projects. As a solution to this problem, DeQuest aims to create a Web3-compatible GameFi community to enable players to have a better GameFi experience. In addition, DeQuest also wants to adopt the GameFi world by creating a task platform for users.

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a Metaverse project where all users can communicate with each other in a virtual universe and socialize while having fun at the same time. Players can purchase virtual lands in this universe and join the people of Metaverse City. You can build new houses on your land in the game, you can decorate these houses as you want. While you can design clothes for your avatar to represent you in the game, you can also sell these designed clothes on the Marketplace. In the My Meta Farm universe, there are many social events where you can socialize with other players and have fun, as well as win.


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