DeltaPrime Partners with Trader Joe

Deltaprime has partnered with Trader Joe for the capital efficiency of the Avalanche ecosystem. Trader Joe’s AMM, called Liquidity Book, was developed differently from traditional designs to create liquidity pools. Thanks to the Liquidity Book developed by Trader Joe’s, liquidity providers greatly increase capital efficiency. The DeltaPrime protocol is the first undercollateralized borrowing platform built on the Avalanche network. The fact that it has introduced innovative approaches on its two platforms in terms of capital efficiency indicates that its visions are similar on the two platforms, and we can say that they have created an excellent synergy with this partnership. After the partnership, Trader Joe users can add the following to DeltaPrime;

  • Swapping + LPing with extra liquidity
  • Multiple APY on (LB) LP positions
  • Borrow against Trader Joe LP tokens
DeltaPrime&Trader Joe
DeltaPrime&Trader Joe

About DeltaPrime

DeltaPrime is a Decentralized borrowing and investment ecosystem. DeltaPrime is aim to be launched to the market in the last quarter of 2022, and plans to become a DAO that offers full control over protocol integrations in the future. You can borrow up to 5 times your capital in DeltaPrime, which is built on the Avalanche network. You can borrow and invest in Avalanche protocols via DeltaPrime, and the minimum collateral rate for this is 20%.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a Decentralized exchange that is described as a one-stop trading platform on the Avalanche network. The platform, co-developed by Cryptofish and the two founders with the 0xmurloc nickname, aims to unleash the DeFi potential on Avalanche. Trader Joe enables all users to realize the potential of DeFi by providing a comprehensive DeFi trading platform with one-stop access to trading, lending, leverage and more.


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