Cobak Update; Cobak In-App Will Now Support L2 Polygon Network

The Cobak team has updated the In-App Wallet service. After the update, the wallet will support the ERC20 and MATIC version of the tokens on the Polygon network.

Polygon mesh is a type of Layer 2 solution that pursues the additional benefits of the Ethereum network. With the post-update adoption of the Polygon network, Cobak plans to facilitate the use of Cobak tokens in the community and expand its service globally.

With the application of the Polygon network to the Cobak In-App wallet, we can list the benefits that users will receive as follows;

  1. You can verify the amount of polygon-based CBK tokens in the Cobak In-App wallet. Go to the Cobak app for Android or iOS > My page > Add tokens.
  • Currently, CBK and MATIC are able to view tokens, the Special Token Service will be added later.
  1. The transfer of Polygon-CBK tokens can now be made from Cobak’s In-APP wallet.
  • Users can transfer CBK tokens between their Cobak App profile followers. Two users must follow each other and link their wallets to the wallets in the Cobak In-App wallet.
  1. The token reward in Cobak can be withdrawn through the app. Withdrawals of reward tokens will be available starting this week. Go to Android or iOS > My page > Add tokens.

About Cobak

Cobak is a blockchain and crypto community platform that has been serving local users since 2018. Cobak is the only crypto service provider in Korea that provides significant crypto transactions outside of cryptocurrency stockmarkets. It is expected that Cobak’s token issuance will further strengthen the reward system and encourage larger transactions to be made within the platform. Cobak is currently listed on UPbit, Bitthumb, and Coinone.



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