A simple MetaFi integration with an upgradeable SDK, which was previously MetaDEX Canoe Finance, for Canoe Warrior, the next generation mobile game, to collect the best price swap Jupiter Aggregator announced that it has integrated the revenue sharing feature. As a result of the partnership, users will be offered the best price swaps for any token on Solana. Canoe Finance will make trades a source of income by including your own platform fee in transactions. It will also have the possibility to specify cache options to ensure that swaps take place. Jupiter Aggregator’s UX is designed in perfect integration with Canoe. It has the most powerful tools for accessing barter transactions. It is the best of its alternatives in interfaces, applications or chained programs. Also Canoe the open source DeFi SDK will provide a Unity method for use on mobile devices via Jupiter.

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Canoe Finance CEO Boo, “Partnership, Canoeit allows the demo game to gain a user-friendly mobile structure, especially in Unity.” he made his comments.

Jupiter Aggregator, Bringing together all liquidity resources in Solana at a single endpoint, providing a best-in-class clearing aggregation system, pay features and pricing data for all users and developers.

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Canoe Finance, it aims to provide an accessible financial service with a single simple integration for the meta database. Canoe The Toolkit’s engine and DeFi’s aggregator make it easy to switch between Web2 and Web3 portals with just a few lines of Decode.


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