Boundless and Immersive Experiences with DimensionX

DimensionX is a CA-based metaverse creator platform based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a new platform to create immersive experiences for virtual and real worlds using AR, VR, MR and other advanced visualization technologies. It has taken its place as both a service company and a product company in the field of Web 3.0 (Metaverse, Blockchain, AI) and immersive technologies. You can get services from DimensionX (DimX) company to have experience in this field. In addition, since the platform has been launched, you need to register on the website we have provided in the References section in order to get early access.  DimensionX is embodied by developers creating immersive experiences using leading-edge software and hardware to educate, innovate and entertain. After DimensionX meets the product you request, it can train your staff according to your needs, employ staff or introduce you to special support organizations with scalable support.

Alongside the Metaverse Creator platform, DimensionX has already begun creating comprehensive experiences for commercial customers, including simulation software for the company’s service arm, Christa McAuliffe Space Center, and Telos University. DimensionX has developed flight simulation training software for Randon Aviation and the Flight School Manager platform. Additionally, DimX contributes to a “seeing is believing” experience that uses LiDAR technology to create real-time-editable 3D digitally twins for better customer visualization.

group of architects in vr headsets standing around table with house layout
Group of architects in vr headsets standing around table with house layout during presentation of new block of flats

DimensionX’s Works

If we look at Dimension X’s expertise and past experiences;

  1. Flight Simulation: Flight simulators (software and hardware) in a real-time loop designed for extensibility and immersion (immersion). It is used on a variety of devices, from laptops to 360° domes, from full-motion simulators to AR/VR experiences. These projects and studies have provided real-like training experiences, extensive test environments for research and development, and profound inspiration for the next generation of pilots and engineers.
  2. Space Adventure: Multiplayer, personal space simulation software for large teams of children and/or adults. Highly interactive space missions are conducted where participants take on a variety of functional roles that support teamwork, communication, critical thinking, decision making and scenario analysis. This software is, at its core, an immersive storytelling tool that controls all aspects of the experience. Participants engage in dynamic tasks that create productive cognitive dissonance.
  3. Pilot Training: Web and mobile flight school application to schedule, bill and train top students for commercial airline employment. This software facilitates individual, instructor-led and peer learning by using a customized learning management system (LMS) to score and measure progress. It is a featured application to help pilots train more efficiently.
  4. Corporate Health: An internationally distributed image therapy software package that benefits from both passive and active 3D glasses, Wii-BalanceBoards, Wii-Motes, and was even prototyped on the original Microsoft HoloLens when it was first released. The software package was developed to gamify various therapeutic exercises to analyze and improve patient vision states in a way that encourages participation and regular use; especially in younger patients.

little boy playing with vr goggles, sittiing on couch with his family
Little boy playing with VR goggles, sittiing on couch with his family

Team and Advisors

Let’s take a look at what kind of team DimensionX has in the background as we present the immersive experiences we mentioned above.

dimensionx team
Dimension X Team

We can say that in addition to the CEO, CTO and COO, who are experts in their fields and have the necessary equipment, advisors, who are important names in the sector they serve, are also within DimensionX. DimensionX says they are already looking to build a world-class team of hardworking and humble designers, developers and creators, and are looking for discreet critical thinkers. For this reason, developers who may be involved in DimensionX can contact them via the websites listed below. There is already information about open positions on their website. As it turned out, the team wants to expand itself. The advisors within DimensionX are shown below.

dimensionx advisors
DimensionX Advisors


DimensionX raised $600,000 in a pre-seed investment round. Startup Ignition Ventures (SIV), a new pre-seed fund in Utah, filled the entire round. Dimension X plans to use its funds to recruit a world-class team of immersive developers, designers and product strategists, develop the Metaverse creative platform, and gather, train and support the Metaverse Creators community.


DimensionX creates a Metaverse Creator platform for corporate trainers, educators, developers, designers, manufacturers, gamers, storytellers and business leaders to educate, train, design, simulate, entertain and market through boundless immersive experiences.


  • www.dimx.giant


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