Blockombat: Another Blockchain Game

It is like others. A mobile game with NFT characters focused on P2E features. There three different modes in the game;

  • Duel Mode
  • Solo Mode
  • Tournament Mode

In the duel mode, it is like a bet. Both opponents pay some $BKB, which is their token, to make a duel, winner takes it all. Yes, this much simple.

Tournament Mode is multiple duels actually 😀 There will be 5-10K$ prize pool as they say.

Solo Mode is the mode to play without the P2E features. Yes, it is the button people never click which is always there 😀

We can not see the prize of the $BKB in their whitepaper. Which you can check out from here.

We are in Q3 2022, in their roadmap they are now on the step of private and seed round initialization. Pool is wide on p2e market. I wish them luck 😀

Their partners is not too many or effective partners. I am sorry to not supporting this game but I can not do that. As a blockchain project, you should not care about that. As a game, I would say play and try.

I would say it is not different than the others. Game is in the private seed round so we can not say anything certain in that are either. You can check the website for their partners and more information from here.

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