Zodiac World Pre-Seed Funding

Zodiac World is excited to announce that they have reached the first milestone of their investment fundraising campaign. Jul has secured the pre-seed investment in the project from incredible investors LD Capital and Math Wallet.

Zodiac World is very grateful for the confidence of its investors in bringing to life their vision of creating a community-oriented ACG (Anime, Comic and Gaming) creation space.

Investors truly believe that by providing a platform for ACG content creators, Zodiac World will play an important role in the development of Web 3.0 entertainment systems and art solutions and help all creators around the world express their art one by one.

Zodiac World’s next goal is to launch the character NFT collection and launch Episode I of their anime and games as the first PGC (Professional-generated Content) next month. 

The investment collected will be aimed at accelerating the development of their ecosystem, recruiting new experienced talent and building a sustainable community. The Zodiac team feels love and devotion to the community and its members, whose numbers are growing more and more every day. Therefore, Zodiac World thanks everyone and its valuable investors for believing in them.

zodiac pre seed funding partners

About Zodiac World

Zodiac World is the first community-oriented ACG (Anime, Comic and Gaming) creation space on the web 3.0.

About Intel Capital

LD Capital, its sub-funds are Beco Fund, FoF, Meta Fund, etc. it is a leading crypto fund in investing and trading in primary and secondary markets.

Since its inception in 2016, LD Capital has successfully invested in more than 300 enterprises. With a highly professional global team and unique industrial resource advantages, LD Capital has placed emphasis on providing superior services after investments, aiming to support the project in increasing its long-term value and ecological investment throughout its life cycle.


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