Zebec Introduces the Operating Horizon

Zebec is a DeFi technology that empowers real-time, seamless and continuous payment transfers. Due to the high demand for pay systems in recent times, Zebec ’s evolution towards multi-chain has become inevitable. Of course, in order to cope with the ever-increasing obstacles of pay applications in today’s world, it had to be both a durable and a workable structure. As a result of all this, Zebec has announced Operation Horizon, a collection chain with a processing speed reaching 700,000 TPS.

About Operation Horizon

Operation Horizon is a payment-driven L1 created by the community for the community. It will help launch Zebec Chain. Operation Horizon consists of two basic components: Zepoch Node NFTs and Themis Gavel NFTs

Zepoch Node NFTs, when the project starts, a validator in the chain gets the right to run the node. It also acts as an identity, providing the owner with many lucrative income streams. In total, there are a total of 30,000 Zepoch NFTs available for sale, with the addition of 30,000 Themis Gavels synchronized with the sale. Zebec will release the announcement in two separate phases, and the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) will be the primary gateway.

Builders who purchase Zepoch will receive a Themis Gavel SBT and will be allowed to participate in Zebec DAO organizational and ecosystem management.

The first 288 “Zepoch”, which Zebec will use to promote the first participants in the Zebec ecosystem, will be available to users with more than 1,888,888 ZBC tokens. Users who have locked 1,888,888 ZBC tokens for a year will be eligible for the ”Zepoch” NFT airdrop.

 In phase 2, the Zepoch NFT price will be priced at 2000 USDT/BUSD and the contract price will automatically increase by 0.5% (5/1000) for every 50 additional node owners.

White List Details

White List Registration:October 3-11, 13:00 UTC

Stage 1: October 13, 13:00 UTC

Stage 2 : TBD

For more detailed information you can visit Zebec’ official web site.


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