Zebec and Arb Partnership for Multisig Treasury Management

Arb Protocol, an automated arbitrage vault that provides returns in the Solana ecosystem, has announced its partnership with Zebec for Multisig Treasury Management. Zebec has officially announced its partnership with the ARB Protocol, a decentralized arbitrage protocol for Multisig Treasury Management.

Highlights in the Partnership

By integrating treasury management into the ARB, Zebec plans to create a seamless treasury system equipped with one of the most secure security mechanisms in Solana.

arb zebec partnership

Zebec is a permanent settlement protocol in Solana. Starting with the Zebec Payroll, Zebec enables the transfer of value that can be combined. The platform is a revolutionary DeFi technology that powers real-time, seamless and continuous payflows. The automated money flows made possible through their first project, Zebec Pay, allow businesses, employees and consumers to completely redesign how they are paid, how they invest and how they buy products or services. The newest addition, Zebec Safe, is a fully customizable multi-signature in Solana.

Zebec is grateful to the ARB team, whom they consider a great partner. They were chosen by the ARB because of some features that helped them stand out. The use of the Zebec Protocol for streaming pay and programmable money provides the following benefits:

  • It provides liquidity for both the sender and the recipient
  • Eliminates the problem of pay disputes in the gig economy
  • Increases token productivity
  • Creates a reliable future for payrolls
  • Encourages investments and Dollar Cost Averaging

About the ARB Protocol

The ARB Protocol is a decentralized arbitrage. Generally, it is the discrepancy in trade volumes between two different marketplaces that makes arbitrage viable.  The explanation for this is simple: in a market with strong trade volumes and sufficient liquidity for a particular cryptocurrency, prices are usually lower. Therefore, the ARB Protocol tends to put pressure on buying while generating returns.

About Zebec

Zebec is a revolutionary DeFi technology that supports real-time, seamless and continuous payflows.


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