Witnet Oracles Integrate Dogechain

Witnet, a decentralized oracle network, announced that it has integrated price feeds, randomness, and GraphQL feeds products into Dogechain’s Polygon edge chain. Witnet differs from other oracle networks with its layer 1 structure. Witnet’s failure to use KYC may seem like a threat to security, but Witnet solves this with mechanisms that will make lying more expensive than telling the truth. We can say that Witnet has made a great contribution to the Dogechain ecosystem with this cooperation. Developers will now be able to use advanced reliable data feeds and price feeds. Witnet, which has also published detailed tutorials explaining how developers should use these modules, said it was happy to support Dogechain.


About Witnet

Witnet is a decentralized layer 1 oracle network that achieves smart contracts without having to blindly trust third parties. Thanks to APIs and Witnet products, it allows you to access any information or data on any website. Witnet uses cryptographic and crypto-economic techniques to securely deliver this data.

About Dogechain

Dogechain is an EVM-compatible blockchain designed to complement the shortcomings of the $Doge coin cryptocurrency, the first known meme cryptocurrency. The overall goal of Dogechain is to provide access to NFTs, blockchain-based games and the DeFi ecosystem for Dogecoin. Dogechain aims for the development of Dogecoin and its adoption by public.




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