What is Volare Finance?

Volare aims to provide a fundamentally decentralized structure. But it has a similar structure with the issuability of centralized exchanges. Volare Finance is a leading options trading provider that provides a secure and convenient structure without intermediaries.

Volare Finance is a DeFi protocol. It creates a high-level solution for trading options in crypto.

It provides a DeFi option protocol with the options it provides. Among the options are:

  • European options,
  • Combinations of options
  • Exotic options

L2 Enabled DeFi protocol

For Exotic Options

Designed by professional options traders for crypto volatility markets. It provides hedging, speculation and yield-raising tools to its clients based on its infrastructure.


Volare TestNet
Volare TestNet

The Volare protocol is now supported by Fuji, the AVAX test network.

For More Detailed Information … you can visit the address.

Wallet Supported

Volare Finance is supported by Metamask, one of the most used virtual wallets in the world, and Avalanche Wallet, which is connected to the Avalanche network, the network of which has been rising recently.

Token Metrics

Token Name : VOLA

Total Supply: 100.000.000 (Million)

If we look at the total supply, Volare Finance has a total supply that can compete with the major projects that are trending.


Volare Finance aims at a decentralized structure and at the same time offers the following roadmap to ensure the availability of CEX exchanges, which are centralized, in order to provide a secure, fast and easy structure.

  • Vanilla Option
  • Option Combo
  • Exotic Option
  • Volatility Products
  • Option Strategy Portfolios
  • Structured Products
  • Option on Synthetic Assest
  • Trading Suite

Seed Round

  • DCG (Digital Currency Group)
  • SCC Investments
  • Spark Digital Capital

Private Tour

Arrington Capital-Bixin Initiatives-blizzard backdrop-CRT Laboratories-DWeb3 Capital-Network Capital-GSR Markets-Hailstone Initiatives-Huobi Initiatives-IOBC Capital-Moonstone Capital-ORACLES INVESTMENT GROUP (OIG)-PrimeBlock Initiatives-Parataxis Capital-Richard Dai-ViaBTC Capital-Drop Capital

Volare Finance Raised Over $6 Million In the Private Round.

With the main feature of Volare, it is a reliable and rewarding platform for investors in their investments in crypto options.So far, Volare has attracted an investment of $ 6 million for financing.

What’s New in the Volare Testnet? 

The Volare Finance Testnet is Live on AVAX!

With the investment of DCG and other important investors, Volare’s next-generation options protocol with a value of more than US$ 60 million is planned to be introduced on the AVAX test network.


Volare is seen as a new hope in the financial markets. The mutual funds they receive clearly show that they are aiming for a guiding position for investors and protocols, including the roadmap chart and testnet they have prepared in accordance with the ideology they adopt.

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