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It is aninitiative that covers the entire blockchain and data stack to enable developers and data analysts to query and create on-chain data much faster than in-house creation through a single easy-to-use API.

Luabase was founded in 2022 by Mike Ritchie, founder of reverse ETL pioneer SEEKWELL, which was acquired by ThoughtSpot in 2021. The founding team brought scaling and analytics expertise to crypto by incorporating experts from the modern data stack, and the company is 100% deployed.

In public blockchains, the volume of data is growing, so developers and data analysts need to query this data for various uses such as game developers, gaming, trading, lending, fraud detection and more, but no provider can make it easy to query blockchain data accurately. OpenZepplinde ML engineer Mariko Wakabayashi “Luabase‘the fast and easy access to the blockchain data has been extremely useful for detecting web3 security threats on the forta network.” Luabase provides tagged addresses and can support multiple blockchains, primarily those missing from BigQuery public datasets like Polygon and Avalanche. And finally, he states that they will help Luabase Fortan analyze past threats and find machine learning-based solutions.

Luabase, a startup that facilitates successful use of blockchain data, has raised $6 million from Costana Ventures, 4.5th ventures, and the founder of Thirdweb, a project for developers to build apps. Luabase, which describes itself as the “modern stack of web3 “, allows users to reduce the cost of querying large amounts of blockchain data with SQL, analyze them, and embed data into various applications through its API.


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