Aptos is a blockchain network that is growing in popularity every day, called Solana 2.0, and claims to ‘solve’ all the problems Ethereum is experiencing. Aptos aimed to solve the usability, reliability and scalability issues that Layer1s are having problems with, and also aimed to have security features that are missing in EVM-based blockchains. The project represents the Web 3.0 generation, a diverse and rich ecosystem from infrastructure to smart contracts, developer support tools to wallets and dApps. Aptos was founded by former Meta employees Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching.
Let’s take a closer look at the Aptos ecosystem, where META and Solana developers have rolled up their sleeves together.


One of the things that makes the Aptos crypto so intriguing is Move, a special programming language originally designed for the Diem blockchain. Move is a kind of executable bytecode language. Aptos is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of developers, and its global storage is more secure than the average programming language. Move allows users to identify private resources that cannot be copied or discarded, making it much more difficult for malicious entities to control the Aptos blockchain.

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On the first day of August 2022, Aptos announced that it had successfully completed TestNet 2. Over 225 communities participated, 26 of which were led by Aptos and Aptos co-founders. The participants were divided into 44 countries and 110 cities around the world. It was announced that Testnet 3 registration will start on August 19. It is clear that the Aptos ecosystem continues to move confidently towards the Mainnet.


There are many companies engaged in construction to develop the ecosystem in the Devnet of Aptos. Among the most notable of these names, Coinbase, BNB Chain, Anchorage Digital, Rarible, Nodereal and Paymagic companies stand out.


Aptos accepted its first major investment package in March 2022. Aptos’ impressive fund-raising ability stands out. But Why?
One of the main factors behind this success is the founding staff. The co-founders of Aptos Labs have years of experience in producing impressive work. In addition, venture capitalists are usually looking for something new and original. The combination of Block-STM technology, Move programming and BFT consensus distinguishes the Aptos Layer 1 blockchain from other funding-seeking projects.
Aptos, the maximum TPS (number of transactions per second) can reach 160,000. Aptos, which is currently in the Testnet stage, has an instant TPS value of 1000s.
In addition, they have experienced in the test environment that they have made millions of NFTs printable in less than an hour thanks to the software that they are very ambitious about NFT. Thus, they offered a solution that can prevent the high gas fees experienced during the minting of NFT projects.


Aptos has announced plans to launch in September 2022. We will have many opportunities to buy Aptos cryptocurrency in the near future.

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Among the companies supporting Aptos are Binance Labs and FTX Ventures, which is another reason for the increased interest in the project.
According to Bloomberg, Aptos announced that, as of March, it had completed a funding round and more than doubled its valuation, which exceeded $ 1 billion. Following the $150 million round led by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto, according to a press release, the startup’s latest raise includes new investors such as Griffin Gaming Partners, Franklin Templeton, Circle Ventures and Superscrypt. FTX Ventures had previously participated in Aptos’ funding round in March. This allowed us to see that the blockchain developer has raised $ 200 million from investors such as a16z, Tiger Global and Multicoin Capital.


The Aptos project aims to increase blockchain scalability and reliability. Aptos has so far attracted the attention of a large number of investors and the industry. Although it is impossible to guarantee that they will be able to live up to the hype, the test networks have already managed to back up many of their claims. Only time will tell if Aptos is as revolutionary as it claims to be, but the processing times and experienced developer team make them look like a solid investment.

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