What is MatchboxDAO?

MatchboxDAO is a game developer community based on StarkNet. Based on StarkNet, the DAO is focused on developing two projects. Matchbox Spark will act as an incubator for projects that provide mentoring and funding to game developer teams. On the other hand, Matchbox Studios includes a range of core games and a number of tools to speed up game development.

The DAO was launched earlier this year, and Yonatan Ben-Shimon, founder and CEO of Matchbox DAO Foundation, emphasized that they are currently aiming to expand their team. They currently support 25 projects with their seven strong teams. Matchbox DAO’s long-term goal is to become an on-chain version of the Unreal Engine. Matchbox DAO aims to enable game developers to create and release a game in a very short period of time.


Matchbox, the on-chain game developer community, has raised $7.5 million from a seed round. The raised funds will be used to accelerate StarkNet-based gaming initiatives. The investors have included StarkWare, Geometry Research, ReadyPlayerDAO, Neon DAO, Delphi Ventures, Lemniscap, Fabric Ventures, Road Capital, Formless Gamma and Bonfire Union. Several individual investors also participated in the investment round, including Stateless Ventures founder Matt Slater and The Block’s Vice President of Research Larry Cermak in proper.

matchboxdao fund raising
MatchboxDAO Fund Raising



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