What is Gunzilla Games?

Gunzilla Games is a AAA game Studio.It guarantees that they will never sell dedicated NFTs directly to player communities and will not adopt a payment system that monetizes progress or any game features, trading is completely voluntary.

Gunzilla believes that the GunZ platform has the potential to radically change the core gameplay experience for players, and those who are not interested in trading can skip this feature entirely and enjoy the full game without any limitations.

Everyone has a passion for advancing player experiences, as well as developing the knowledge and skills to produce highly successful games; this feeds into the current project and the ongoing work around it.

In addition, the Gunzilla team has a proven wealth of knowledge that touches every corner of the gaming industry.

They have studios in three iconic metropolitan locations: Frankfurt’s breathtaking modern skyline contains the directors, art, design, development and marketing roles.

Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine, is home to operations, programming, support and back-end roles. The Los Angeles studio is currently being used as a base of operations in the US.

What is Gunzilla?

It aims to create games that players love and get lost in. That’s why their players are being developed with them in mind from the very beginning.

They believe in building strong teams of empowered, self-motivated individuals to do their best in a supportive environment. They adopt the idea that “When we are strong together, we thrive together”.

A platform that attaches importance to creating an environment of trust for everyone through transparency and honest communication.

Gunzilla Games Team

Gunzilla Team
Gunzilla Team

CEO & Co-Founder – Vladimir Korolev

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder – Alex Zoll

Chief Technical Officer – Timur Davidenko

Chief Visionary Officer Neil Blomkamp

Coo,Executive Producer – Luke Davis

Game Director – Scott Probin

Script Writer – Richard Morgan

Art Director – Jussi Keteli

Audio Director – Volodymyr Savin

Technical Director -Dmitry Markov

Art Director – Oleksy Plaksin



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