WHAT IS EtherMail?

10 4c693c06In this article, we will answer the question ‘What is EtherMail. EtherMail is the first Web 3.0 Email Solution that sets the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. What about the differences with EtherMail and other email providers? Anonymous communication between users is possible, and users can communicate freely among themselves. The stark difference between EtherMail and other email providers is that it offers a transparent and good email marketing and communication experience where advertisers and users collectively know what both parties are getting from each other. Now the question may come to mind: Can I send or receive e-mails to people who do not use EtherMail? The company states that it has not activated this feature yet. The company also says that these users will be notified of security vulnerabilities in advance and fraud by NFT project developers will be prevented. EtherMail currently supports Metamask and WalletConnect, and the company plans to adapt much faster. Considering the problems of crypto and NFT communication, it will be instructive on how EtherMail and similar services can take a more secure path for community members. Security vulnerabilities caused by the decentralization of Web3 are cited as one of its leading disadvantages. The innovation from EherMail, on the other hand, shows that there is an attempt to solve exactly this problem. It will be an innovation with the potential to provide unusual savings if managed well. In this article, we briefly discuss ‘What is EtherMail?’ It seems that toanswer the question, the company will create dynamic functionality in Web3.


  • https://ethermail.io/

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