What Is EmpireDAO?

EmpireDao recently announced that it has entered service. Starting under the leadership of Mike Frietta, the organization began to grow into a global community. EmpireDAO, which started its broadcasting life with a Telegram group, then published a fundraise statement via Mirror. Mike Frietta explained these in detail with the posts and videos he shared on Twitter. 

EmpireDAO Collaborations

Mike Frietta, who managed to attract people from NFT fields and those involved in the crypto money business to his community, has signed an agreement with Jennyr Mith and Marie Keflament to reach his own country and in Asia. The group that gained the most recognition was SOLBigBrain. In this way, Mike both received investment and advertised. 

The team, who also contacted Build Cities, started initiatives by creating a fund with the help of some investors. Thus, it was possible to communicate with people working on web3 known on social media and to include them. However, the most important participants were the Solana Foundation and Solana Labs. Austin Federa and his team from Solana announced that they supported this work and started working. 

Web3 and DAO Connection

As you know, Web3, which is used by Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum, is connected to blockchain and artificial intelligence as a system. Thus, Web3 began to be used to solve security and centralization problems. Web3, which introduces concepts such as cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi, DApp and Cross-chain, can be built on foundations such as P2P. These also enable crypto money transactions in general. In other words, users can earn money in this way. 

On the other hand, DAO is a system created by elected members and operates without any intermediaries. As you know, the main feature of digital currencies is that they are not centralized. Thus, it can be easily acted from computers and with Internet providers, since there is no pressure from any authority. 

The system proposed by Dan Larimer was later implemented by Vitalik Buterin. Thanks to the system, protocol, and similar processes have been completely eliminated. Although there are concerns such as legality, structure, and safety, according to most analysts, investors are making it clear that this system will come forward and replace traditional structures shortly. When we think in this context, the community founded by Mike Frietta has made a verification process with a chain. 

Platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Discord are also stating that they want to switch to Web3 technologies soon. Although they cannot prevent decentralized system problems, they are becoming a part of blockchain platforms with the network they have created. The Empire Dao, led by Mike Frietta, meets that. Thus, creating creative space fosters multidisciplinary communities and in-house consulting, bridging each other. NFT artists, media and cultural influences, and DeFi are the locations that bring together a physical location. The EmpireDAO community will be talked about more in the future and it shows that it will grow and advance its community. 

Source:  https://empiredao.xyz/


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