What is Buzzmint?

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Today, in this article, we are presenting a new project, the name of our project is ‘Buzzmint’. We can say that it is an agency that enables brands, content producers, and media-specific businesses to create their digital assets. “What kind of agency?” You will say, as I mentioned, it allows brands to market and sell their NFTs and Tokens to their loyal and recurring customers with a fully integrated storefront. In short, Buzzmint is a meticulous (I’m not saying that, they call themselves) crypto agency that cares about idea generation and delivery.  Users will be able to integrate the self-branded version of the Buzzmint platform into their websites and  will also be able to broadcast directly on Buzzmint’s own marketplace, which will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2022.  


  • A quick and easy-to-use brand space
  • Simple, single, multiple or auxiliary digital asset creation
  • Fully customizable showcase that can be integrated with brands and websites
  • Full analysis on bidding and buying
  • Ability to market NFTs
  • NFTs can be sold in secondary markets 
  • To be able to etinate the digital twin in physical products
  • Ability to provide additional unlocking benefits to NFTs through smart contracts
  • It allows brands to make full use of existing and archive content. 

Buzzmint is entering the world of fine art as it launches its first NFTs. Buzzmint, which enables brands to quickly and easily create NFTs of digital assets, is working to integrate UK and Poland-based Art1Bid into Buzzmint and BSV Blockchain. Co-founder Charles Symons said of the upcoming sale: ‘We are incredibly excited to be able to announce this amazing opportunity to print and own a famous renoir and its digital NFT to the BSV community. This is indicative of the faith of the new initiative. Tiered businesses offer a credit to BSV and what the BSV blockchain can deliver.  Charles added: “This collaboration proclaims the decoupling of BSV and classical art. Renoir had painted the portrait of Richard Wagner, who ultimately created the Bridal Chorus, which is obviously an important investment, but within the BSV space we don’t expect to put off a few people who will see this not only as an extraordinary opportunity to own this magnificent piece of art, but also a landmark moment.  “


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