What is AFAR?

Afar Game
Afar Game

Afar is a metaverse full of fun and adventures for you to explore the universe, compete and make friends. The game’s story takes place in a distant galaxy where a group of brave heroes compete  in a galactic tournament that rewards the winning AFARian.

What is Afar ? 

Afar was developed by Lava Labs with the goal of unifying blockchain games through fun in-game features for gamers by creating games that appeal to both traditional video game players and blockchain gamers. The vision of the project team, which aims to create a sustainable long-term ecosystem by blending the basics of Web 3.0 with traditional gaming: to create a WEB 3.0 platform that preserves the principles they have set in more than one game.

Within the Afar universe, there are 4 games called Afar games. These are; 

  • AFAR: PvP Game

It is a “level-based platform shooter game” in which players race, shoot and platform over rounds collecting points while racing to the finish line. When the rounds are over, the player with the highest total score wins.

  • AFAR: Mining Game 

It is a Build-to-Win blockchain-based mining game in which players use mining mechanics and upgrade systems to earn resource and NFT rewards.

  • AFAR: Spaceship Game 

It is a trading-based game in which players transport resources and travel through the universe to build their space merchant empire.

  • AFAR: Social Hub

It acts as a link between games in the AFAR universe.

Afar Universe
Afar Universe

The game developers plan to release these games, respectively, as the Afar ecosystem develops.


The Planet

If we examine the Planet Afar, the area where the Mining Game takes place and the Social Hub Planet it is positioned in the center. There are also two types of land on the planet. These are ; AFAR land and Resource land. The Mining Game can be played on both types of land. As players explore the planet, they can purchase a limited amount of NFT Resource Land plots, as well as build mining camps to harvest the Planet’s resources. 

Torus and the Marketplace revolve around the Planet where the PvP Game and the Spaceship Game take place.

Torus is a huge spaceship in which the AFAR PvP Game takes place. The Torus can host different levels. Additionally, Torus uses Social Hub teleport pads for the pre-game and post-game room. 

The Marketplace is where trade and space commerce take place.

AFAR: PvP Game

Afar PvP Game
Afar PvP Game

AFAR: The PvP Game takes place on the Torus, a huge spaceship designed to host competitions. Players will race 4 laps to the finish line, platforming and hitting other players. After playing all 4 rounds, the players with the highest total Victory Points will win. Earning more victory points from opponents will earn players XP, increase season pass levels, and earn rewards.

AFAR: Mining Game

Afar Mining Game
Afar Mining Game

The Mining Game is a base defense game in which players can build buildings to collect resources from the Planet. Resources are used to create defenses to protect Mining Camps from attacks.

All mining operations are conducted on the Planet, where players build Mining Camps on the Resource Terrain or AFAR Terrain. Players will earn XP by mining resources, which will allow them to earn cosmetics and other rewards from the Season Pass.

Resources are needed to upgrade and optimize Mining Camps. Better players can increase the rate of mining resources and earning XP. Players will also have to pay money to build defenses for their camp to fend off any attacks and continue mining.

AFAR: Social Hub

Afar Social Hub
Afar Social Hub

The Social Hub is located in the center of the Planet and is a place where players can gather and have fun.It is the heart of the ecosystem that connects all the games in the AFAR universe. Players can participate in social activities, special events and showcase the cosmetics they have earned. 

Players will gather at the Social Center before and after PvP matches. Additionally, players can dock their spaceships and participate in special events

AFAR: Spaceship Game

Afar Spaceship Game
Afar Spaceship Game

The Spaceship Game is a trading based game where players transport resources and eggs to become the best space trader. Once players have acquired a Spaceship to play with, they must explore trade routes to make shipping and profit while maintaining and upgrading their ships.

The game will take place between the Marketplace, Torus, Social Center and Mining Decampments. Players must determine the optimal goods to buy and sell at each destination.

Players will be able to buy new ships to carry more resources in the cargo compartments and earn XP faster.

Season Pass

Afar Season Pass
Afar Season Pass

Seasons, new content, gameplay and events in AFAR are of fixed time length. Each Season comes with its own Season Pass. Special events will be held at the beginning and end of the season.

Players can earn XP by participating in special events. As players unlock levels with each season pass, scarce NFT items and rewards can be claimed.

The rewards received from the Season Passes will consist of:

  • Eggs
  • $ coin
  • Cosmetics
  • Special products


The $TOKEN forms the basis of the single token model for governance within the AFAR Metaverse. The $TOKEN has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and is the ERC-20 token. 

The game developers did not want to use the $TOKEN only as an in-game token. They have created a model in which players can have the right to vote on important decisions for the Social Center and Treasury management by staking.

Within the game, the $TOKEN can be used to build, upgrade, unlock Eggs, and purchase Season Tickets.


  • Voting for improvements in the Social Hub
  • Voting game feature prioritization
  • Voting for the AFAR ecosystem fund

$TOKEN as In-Game Currency is more than a governance token, it is essential for all activities within the ecosystem. 

$TOKEN can be used for:

  • Management of the AFAR Social Center
  • Building and Maintaining Buildings in the Social Center
  • Buy and Sell Cosmetics
  • Purchase the AFAR Season Pass
  • Some upgrades can only be purchased with $TOKEN
  • Buying Unopened Eggs from Market
  • Paying for upgrades


  • Individual Staking for Prizes and Special drops
  • Staking with Guilds or DAOs
  • Launching Guilds or DAOs in AFAR – (Requires Resource Land)

Token Distribution

Afar Token Distribution
Afar Token Distribution

As can be seen in the photo above, Afar’s $TOKEN distribution is planned as follows ; 

  • 5.0% or 50.000.000 to Public Sale
  • 10.5% or 105,000,000 to the Ecosystem
  • 20.0% or 200.000.000 to In-Game Rewards
  • 25% or 250,000,000 – Lava Labs
  • 39.5% or 395,000,000 to Investors, Team, Founder, Market Makers

The Vesting program is;

Afar Token Vesting
Afar Token Vesting

Total Supply = 1,000,000,000

The initial supply that will be in circulation = 179,500,000

Afar Token Vesting
Afar Token Vesting

Road Map

When Afar ’s roadmap is examined, it is worth noting that the absence of targeted dates in the project ‘s roadmap is a major shortcoming. When we look at the road map afterwards, we observe that it consists of 5 parts. These five stages are as follows ; 

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Time

  • Launch of AFAR LITEPAPER – It is the stage in which the first elements of the AFAR metadata store are summarized and how they interact.
  • AFAR: RAFA GENESIS NFT Collection – The first limited edition NFT skin collection for the hero RAFA. It is exclusively available in Magic Eden.

Part 2: A Planet in Danger

  • Launch of AFAR: Mining Game Alpha – The alpha version will focus on the main Mining Game cycle: choosing terrain, building a Mining Camp and upgrading equipment.
  • TOKEN Pre-Sale – Here, the $TOKEN is launched and the fundamentals behind the token economy are launched.
  • Pre-Sale Of Land – Before the Mining Game Beta, the sale of the first NFT Resource Land plots.

Episode 3: AFARians Unite

  • Launching AFAR: Mining Game Beta – In the beta version, NFT Resource Landowners will be able to mine their land or open it for others to mine.
  • Launching the Stake Program – In addition to launching the Staking program, the activation of liquidity rewards and the management framework together with the player community.
  • Launch of AFAR: Social Hub Alpha – The Alpha version of the 3D Social Hub area will focus on connectivity features and ways for players to interact.
  1. Episode: Let the Games Begin

  • Launch of AFAR: The Main Game Alpha – The Alpha version of the Main Game will focus on the basic game mechanics: running, jumping, shooting and competing with opponents until the finish line.

Chapter 5: Journey to Space

  • Launch of AFAR: Spaceship Game Alpha – The alpha version will focus on the main Spaceship Game cycle: transporting resources between different destinations.


Afar’s team consists of Lava Labs staff. Lava Labs consists of a highly experienced team of game developers operating in the EU and the UK. 

Kaya Tilev – CEO

Kaya Tilev has over 12 years of experience in the industry with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree from Stanford Business School.

Kaya Tilev is a multi-time founder who has previous leadership roles at Microsoft and has experience building and growing companies that exceed $100 million in valuation with the support of some of the most prominent backers in the industry.

ED Morley – CTO

Ed Morley has over 25 years of experience in the video games industry. He has worked in various game development categories in PC and console, game engine and middleware development, F2P and social/metaverse games. 

Before Lava Labs, Ed spent seven years building a hugely successful social/metaverse game with more than 250 million player accounts and helping a company grow to a value of over £100 million.

Afar Team
Afar Team


For more information about Lava Labs: https://www.lavalabs.gg/

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