What are The Details of The Permission Partnership with Unstoppable Domains?

In the field of Web3, digital identity and permission-based advertising work, independently of each other, are in the leading position Permission partnership with Unstoppable Domains it was announced that it had taken place. The fact that the two companies have a similar data ethos in the Web3 world has been one of the most positive factors for the realization of the partnership.


Common goals of Permission with Unstoppable Domains

⦁ Users can have their own data in the Web3 world
⦁ Accessibility for safer and varied activities
⦁ Providing NFT domains to user communities
⦁ Ensuring that users have full ownership over their digital identity

Unstoppable Domains, as a result of this cooperation, active users, sending and receiving crypto digital identity and a name for entities that serves as a multifunctional domain that can be used to purchase said it would provide a credit in the amount of US $ 40.

Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President of Business Development, of the Unstoppable Domains team, who we know in the past as general manager at IBM from 2013 to 2016, and vice president of Amazon Web Services (AWS) from 2017 to 2021, said:

“Unstoppable Domains exists to provide a user-owned, digital identity for every person on the planet.” “We are excited to partner with Permission to give more people the power to own their data on Web3.”
Permission CEO Thomas Shin. “Our partnership with Unstoppable Domains is one that we are really excited to share in our community.”

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