WeFund Incubates VeBank!

WeFund has officially announced its incubation fellowship with VeBank to prepare VeBank to raise funds through WeFund’s crowdfunding platform and scale its model accordingly.

Wefund acts as an incubation center for early-stage projects with its innovative and surprising offerings. However, getting started may require help from experts, consultants, or additional technology resources. Now they are working directly with VeBank, a one-stop DeFi platform that provides both basic trading(DEX) lending functionality and basic infrastructures for VeChain.

VeBank is a one-stop DeFi platform built on VeChain, an EVM-compatible blockchain. VeBank benefits from VeChain’s high scalability and fast and cost-effective transactions with instant certainty. It allows projects to use token swap with automated market maker exchange, generate liquidity and income from these swap fees. VeBank offers the possibility of lending and borrowing to use assets as a depositor or borrower through collateral. It also offers farm and stake for regular users.

WeFund believes VeBank provides the foundational infrastructure to the VeChain network and leverages VeChain’s mission to solve big data barriers for many global industries, from medicine to energy, food and beverage to sustainability and SDG goals.

    About WeFund

Wefund is a multi-chain incubation and crowdfunding platform for blockchain projects with real-world applications and utilities. WeFund’s mission is to host high-quality projects that are aligned with WeFund’s investor community and have real-world applications. How? By leveraging blockchain technology for 100% transparency and managing funds using milestones managed by smart contracts for investor security.

They can also incubate and crowdfund various blockchain and real-world projects, bridging the gap between the real world and the blockchain.  In addition, WeFund has been developed to be a 360-degree incubation service for projects hosted on the WeFund platform, through support and guidance before, during and after the completion of funding.



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