Web3Port Launches ‘Web3Port Product Testing’

Web3Port has launched an event called ‘Web3Port Product Testing-How to Get a Reputation Score’ in order to reach more users and audit its product. You can get your reputation points and have the opportunity to claim the honorable NFTs that will be coming soon in the Badge System based on your Points.

About The Event

The event will start at 10:00 on September 26, will end on October 26.

You will have at least 150 points during the campaign. Each active supporter can receive these reputation points on the Web3Port site in exchange for their behavior and contributions.


  • You can favorite your favorite project or projects. You get 10 points for every vote you make
  • Users can earn a maximum of 50 points per week. Extra votes will not be counted.


  • You can comment on the projects you are interested in and earn 10 points for each comment
  • The user gets points for the 20 projects with the most comments per week. For the first 10 comments, you will receive 10 points for each comment piece. For comments after the 10th track, the points for each comment segment will be decremented consecutively. No points will be awarded for 20th comments or below.
  • Additional points will be awarded for featured comments that will be selected weekly by the platform.


  • You will receive 50 points for each successful recommendation at the Web3Port Product Test Launch event 
  • A wallet address can be rewarded with points for the first 10 projects referred each week. Excessive referrals will not be counted.

About Web3Port 

Web3Port is the accelerator of Web 3 projects and helps beginners to move from zero to one and to the next level. Its mission is to create a decentralized and transparent accelerator alliance that brings growth to the Web3.0 ecosystem.

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