Upland Virtual Property Game

Upland is a play-to-win(P2E) virtual real estate game based on blockchain with the same features as world map. We can characterize it as a gateway that carries the real world to the virtual universe. Upland was founded in 2018 on the EOS blockchain.  Currently, there is only America in the game, but new places will open every day. Within the Upland game, players can buy properties, rent the properties they own, and build new structures on their properties, just like in real life. You can download the game for free on the computer or on the phone from the Google Play Store or App Store.


How to Play Upland?

Playing the Upland game is quite simple. You can easily download and start playing from your browser or from applications such as the Google Play Store and the App Store. After registering for the game, you start with an EOS wallet, but you don’t need an EOS token or an EOS wallet to play the game. After successfully registering and logging into the game, you need to choose a color and object. There are a total of 5 colors (brown, orange, light blue, green and purple) and 6 objects. Select a desired color and object and click the “Save” button. The color and object you choose will represent you in the game.

After successfully logging into the game, you will receive 4500 UPX tokens, the game’s own currency. With this UPX token, you can buy properties within the game. Then you need to choose a startup city for yourself. There are currently a total of 12 cities in the game. These are: Nashville, New Orleans, Kansas, Cleveland, Chicago, Bakersfield, Staten Island, San Fransico, Fresno, Oakland, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

You have entered the game, you have chosen your starting city and you want to buy property in Upland with UPX, the in-game currency. At this point, UPX comes into play. Players with less than 10000 UPX assets in the game are considered visitors. You need to have at least 10000 UPX to buy property. You can buy UPX with USD. When you have more than 10000 UPX assets, you can buy property in the game, and congratulations, you are now an Uplander.

Upland Sign Up Page
Upland Sign Up Page

How to Become a Property Owner?

We have said that to own a property in Upland, you must have at least 10000 UPX. You start earning UPX rent in proportion to the value of the properties you buy. On the game map, the properties are shown with 5 different colors. Each color has a different meaning. Let’s examine these together.


Properties that appear in gray are properties that no one owns yet.

Light Green

These properties are available to players who have less than 100 thousand UPX assets, which Upland calls the Fair Start Act (FSA) in the game.

Dark Green

They are properties that belong to other players and are for sale. You can buy these properties at the listed price or make an offer to the owner of the property.

Light Blue

These properties are properties that belong to another player but are not for sale.

Dark Blue

It represents the properties that you own.

To explore the world of Upland and learn more, you can visit their website: www.upland.me


Upland Roadmap
Upland Roadmap

From the goals found in the Upland Roadmap, it has successfully achieved 26 of its goals so far. Upland is still developing and has many more goals. To examine the roadmap in more detail: www.upland.me/roadmap


Upland Team
Upland Team

Stating that the idea for the Upland project started with a Monopoly game, the founding team consists of experts and highly experienced people in the field.


Among the partners of the Upland project, we see important platforms such as Bitcoin.com, VentureBeat, Decrypt, Vice, Coindesk.


Upland Investors
Upland Investors


Upland is a developing project that has successfully achieved its goals so far and aims to bring the real world to the virtual world. Upland aims to design an interface for its players that is fair and easy for everyone to use. Upland is a blockchain-based P2E game where you can easily access the virtual world and earn money thanks to virtual properties.



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