Unstoppable Domains Integration with 1inch

Integration between 1inch and Unstoppable Domains for DeFi users to transact more easily!

Unstoppable Domains announced its integration with 1inch, which promises to transact by replacing complex wallet addresses with human-readable names, with the shared mission of creating an easy yet powerful crypto user experience.

About Integration

Users of the 1 inch Wallet will appreciate a new feature that allows them to enter human-readable domain names when buying or sending crypto assets, so they will be able to carry out transactions more easily.

To transact with crypto, users of 1inch wallets will now enter an address name that looks like Andy.wallet or Money.crypto, or any creative yet simple word combination chosen as the user field. Such fields will also increase transaction security by preventing extensive address checking and sending errors.

“User experience, security and identity issues are still hindering the mainstream adoption of Web3, ” says Sergej Kunz, co-founder of 1inch Network. “The partnership with Unstoppable creates opportunities to overcome these obstacles by making Web3 more fun and attractive, while users will also benefit from a more user-friendly way of processing,” he adds.

“The 1inch Wallet is a DeFi lover’s dream, and Unstoppable is helping to make it even easier for DeFi enthusiasts to manage their finances and have their identity on Web3,” said Sandy Carter, Vice President and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains. “We are excited to partner with 1inch to make trading, accessing and buying crypto simpler and more intuitive than ever.”

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains strengthens your wallet by converting all your complex addresses into a single easily readable name. With a single simple domain name, you can send, receive and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

About 1inch

1inch API v4, Pathfinder is a state-of-the-art discovery and referral algorithm that offers asset exchange at the best rates on the market. Pathfinder finds the most efficient ways to exchange a token that can be split between different protocols or even different market depths in a single protocol in the shortest possible time.

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