The team of the Everdome game wants to provide an opportunity to everyone who is interested in a very realistic version of the metaverse. The team claims that EVERDOME is the most hyper-realistic metaverse, among others. Individuals, brands and organizations that want to showcase themselves, their brands or products in the highest quality will make the Everdome a place where they can truly showcase the experience they desire. Frankly, we can say that the EVERDOME metaverse, the details of which we will touch on below, is already exciting us with its claim to be the most realistic metaverse.

EVERDOME’s Mission

There is a topic that does not have a definite clear answer for the masses, which is whether people want to be included in the metaverse with elements of the same profiles personally or with different characters, for example, cartoon characters. However, the time that has passed so far has shown that many people want to be included in the metaverse with different characters, rather than their own images. In this context, thanks to its revolutionary technological capacity, Everdome aims to create the most hyper-realistic universe that will bring brands and people Decently together. In doing so, it intends to create the highest quality web3 experience for everyone.

Details of the EVERDOME

Thanks to its partner, Metahero, Everdome will move to include ultra-HD avatars and scanned objects from the real world. The Everdome will provide a destination for Metahero’s exceptional technology to live, interact and thrive. Together with Metahero, Everdome claims to offer a Web3 experience that is enough to allow access to the point where you can’t tell what is real and what is not when you take off your VR headset.

The Everdome’s massive campus will be located on Mars, where artists, musicians, companies, brands and people will be able to come and buy their own space, buy land or buy shop fronts for advertising and/or real metaverse transactions. Imagine a huge city where buildings, parks, streets are mixed together. Keep in mind that everything is extremely realistic in this city, the Everdome. The HQ Dome (Headquarters) will act as a central place for people who want to be in the Everdome life, the heart of the settlement.

Do you want to settle on Mars on your own or with your community? The Everdome ecosystem will provide Mars with land and settlements for people, brands and communities who want to settle on the shore/edge of the Everdome Headquarters (HQ). Here you will be able to place your company or community with full sovereignty and all the help you need from Everdome.

Journey to EVERDOME

Metascanning will become an everyday part of the metaverse. It will build a bridge between Decency and the digital world. Metahero’s next-generation technology will connect gamers, artists, entrepreneurs and users in ways never seen before.

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Metahero 3D rooms located around the world allow everyone to scan everything, including themselves, in ultra-high resolution. Metahero has found a way for people around the world to scan both themselves and objects as follows: People will scan themselves and real-world objects and contribute to the journey of creating the largest database, while Metahero will pay people in HERO Tokens for these scans.

Let’s put aside Metahero, which is a partner of Everdome, for now and return to Everdome again. Not a developer, but maybe you want to get involved in a project and buy property, or even rent it. With Everdome, you will be able to expand your real estate portfolio in a very similar way to the real world. It will be possible to buy and sell land through Everdome.

On the other hand, Everdome is a place where brands will thrive. Starting early doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own property. If you want to expand the footprint of your company or product, advertising space will be available in both the meta and the real universe.

Do you need a new place to sell your products or services? Everdome will be able to help you streamline your market. Everdome allows you to increase your customer base, while at the same time offering new types of products for an exciting new world (metaverse).

Dome Token Pre-Sale

The pre-sale offer of the DOME Token will be given to loyal owners and followers of Metahero and HERO Token. As a way to reward commitment, we decided to give the owners the opportunity to enter from the ground floor of the Everdome project. The system will be installed in a staggered model, which provides more opportunities for those who have a higher number of HERO Tokens, and also gives everyone the opportunity to participate.

Team and Consultants

Everdome, which will undoubtedly breathe new life into the Metaverse, has a fairly large team. In addition to a team of 25 experts in the field, consultants include Dr. Decker, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center (Dubai Blockchain Center – DBCC). Alzarouni is also present.

How Much Investment Did EVERDOME Receive?

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GEM Digital Limited (GEM), a Bahamian-based digital asset investment firm, has made a US$10 million investment commitment for the United Arab Emirates-based Everdome. A total of 11,700 plots (97%) have been sold in the Everdome metaverse since June 2022. In total, the plots were purchased at a price of over US $18.6 million, which is equivalent to the Everdome’s own cryptocurrency, the $1,531,000,000DOME. The average price of a plot of land at the Everdome was $130,000.

GEM’s investment will focus on team growth and metaverse technological expansion, enabling a rapid tweaking of the game’s virtual reality (VR) capabilities. The funds will also go toward increasing marketing efforts, partnership opportunities and investments to help Everdome grow sustainably.


In conclusion, it should be noted that Everdome, which will be launched in three stages throughout 2022, prepares users for an adventure that begins with a rocket launch journey to colonize Mars in Everdome City. The Everdome metaverse platform takes advantage of cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 to deliver cutting-edge deconstruction and photorealistic graphics that will stop players wondering about the boundaries between gaming and reality.




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