CDS Press Release Redefining Crypto and NFT Intelligence: Raph, CEO of DexCheck, Spearheading AI-Enhanced Insights and Analysis
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Redefining Crypto and NFT Intelligence: Raph, CEO of DexCheck, Spearheading AI-Enhanced Insights and Analysis

CEO of DexCheck speaks about AI, crypto and NFT.

Redefining Crypto and NFT Intelligence Raph, CEO of DexCheck, Spearheading AI-Enhanced Insights and Analysis

Meet Raph, the visionary CEO behind DexCheck, a trailblazing force in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Redefining Crypto and NFT Intelligence: Raph, CEO of DexCheck, Spearheading AI-Enhanced Insights and Analysis

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Raph has propelled DexCheck to the forefront of the industry, harnessing the potential of advanced analytics to revolutionize the way traders and enthusiasts navigate the dynamic landscape of digital assets. Through ingenious market intelligence tools, seamlessly integrated Telegram bots, and AI-enhanced insights, DexCheck has become a beacon of knowledge, empowering users with the information they need to make informed decisions

What distinguishes DexCheck from the other leading Crypto Analytics platforms? What are the main features which make your project unique?

R: Having been deeply involved in DexCheck‘s evolution, I can confidently say our primary distinguishing factor is our genuine understanding of a crypto trader’s journey. There are multiple platforms spewing out numbers and graphs, but DexCheck was always about offering more: insights that are actionable and meaningful. We don’t just present data; we ensure that every piece of information has a story to tell, a trend to watch, or an opportunity to explore. DexCheck also sets itself apart by leveraging the use of AI and Machine Learning to propel AI-driven analysis, which is an innovative and unique approach when it comes to Crypto and NFT Analytics.

Our platform also lets users track the moves of the best traders among 10+ networks, which gives them a huge edge over regular traders, as they can watch in real-time what the winning traders are doing, and copy them in a breeze.

How do you provide the analytics of cryptocurrencies and NFTs? What methods do you use (comparative, predictive, combined etc)?

R: DexCheck is all about helping people understand the crypto and NFT world better. Here’s how we do it:

Comparative Analysis: We look at data from various sources and compare how different digital assets are doing against each other. By checking their past performances and current trends, we give users a clear idea of what’s happening in the market right now.

Predictive Analysis: Using our AI and Machine Learning tools, we try to predict where the market might go next. Think of it like a weather forecast, but for crypto and NFTs!

In short, we combine what we know from past data with smart tech to give insights into the present and a glimpse into the future of the crypto and NFT markets. This way, our users are always a step ahead!

While making your analysis, are you guided only by AI or also by your own monitoring of the situation in the world of crypto?

R: While AI and machine learning are at the heart of DexCheck’s analytics, human insight and understanding of the constantly evolving crypto landscape remain invaluable. AI provides a wealth of data-driven insights, analyzing vast datasets at a speed and precision humans couldn’t achieve. However, the broader context, interpreting subtle nuances, and connecting dots in the larger macro picture of the crypto world is where human expertise complements AI. It’s a synergistic relationship.

We believe that the perfect blend of cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise ensures our platform remains ahead of the curve and offers unparalleled value to our users.

What is the probability that you have added some crypto or NFT as a long-term and promising project but some time later it turned out to be a scam? Do you have such an option to notify your users about scam projects?

R: In the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto and NFTs, it’s undeniable that there exists an inherent risk of encountering projects that might not stand the test of time.

While we strive to provide insights and analytics based on data, the unpredictable nature of the industry means there is always a potential of some projects not delivering on their promises.

That said, the safety of our users is paramount. Recognizing the need for heightened security and transparency, we’ve integrated GoPlus Scan. This advanced tool actively monitors any token’s contract and promptly notifies our users regarding its safety. Whether it’s a potential rug pull or a honeypot, our system is designed to alert our community, ensuring they make informed and safer investment decisions. Our commitment is to consistently refine and expand this feature, placing user protection at the forefront of our platform’s ethos.

You state that the DexCheck platform can be easily used by users of all skill levels! Then do you have any training videos or articles which would help novice users fully understand all the tools on your platform?

R: Certainly! At DexCheck, we’re deeply committed to making our platform accessible to everyone, whether they’re seasoned crypto traders or newcomers to the space. Recognizing the challenges that might come with familiarizing oneself with the myriad of tools we offer, we’ve rolled out a series of training videos and articles.

You can delve into our detailed tutorials on our YouTube channel:

Additionally, for more in-depth insights, articles, and updates, our Medium page is a treasure trove of information:

Our primary aim is to ensure that every user, regardless of their expertise level, can leverage the full power of DexCheck to make informed decisions in the crypto realm. So, if you ever find yourself in need of guidance, these resources are your go-to!

What is the procedure of adding and editing the new cryptocurrencies and NFTs to DexCheck?

R: Leveraging data from trusted blockchain nodes, DexCheck seamlessly provides users with a comprehensive perspective on newly introduced and updated cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This dynamic process involves direct retrieval of vital details like token symbols, contract addresses, market prices, total supplies, live trades and many other details. The gathered data is meticulously organized, formatted, and presented uniformly, enabling users to effortlessly explore and comprehend the information. Timely updates are realized via scheduled mechanisms and innovative technologies, ensuring users access the most current insights.

While DexCheck prioritizes the provision of accurate and current data, users are encouraged to conduct their own research and due diligence prior to executing any trading decisions.

How do you discover the most successful crypto/NFT traders to make the list of Top Traders?

R: At DexCheck, our primary objective is to provide users with the most accurate and reliable insights into the crypto and NFT markets. When it comes to identifying the top traders, our process is multi-faceted. More specifically, we have 4 steps:

Advanced Analytics: We employ sophisticated on-chain analytics that track and analyze the trades and strategies of millions of traders in real-time. This allows us to discern patterns and strategies that consistently yield positive results.

Deep Learning Algorithms: Our platform utilizes AI and machine learning to sift through vast amounts of trading data. By doing so, we can identify traders whose strategies stand out in terms of profitability, consistency, and risk management.

Volume & Activity Assessment: While profitability is a key metric, we also consider the volume of trades and overall activity level. This ensures that we’re spotlighting traders who are not only profitable but also significantly influential in the market.

Integrity Checks: We’re fully aware that in the world of crypto, there’s potential for manipulation. To counteract this, we’ve implemented specific measures to verify the authenticity of trades. Only traders who meet our stringent criteria in terms of genuine and non-manipulative trading activities are considered for the top list.

The world of crypto and NFT trading is dynamic, and so our methods are continually evolving. But at the heart of our approach is a commitment to transparency, accuracy, and providing our users with the best possible insights to inform their trading decisions.

Do you take permission from traders to display their profits or losses for every token?

R: Well, it’s an important question. In the world of blockchain, transparency is a foundational principle. Every transaction made on the blockchain is public and can be viewed by anyone. It’s what makes the blockchain such a trustless, decentralized system. So, when we display the profits or losses of traders, we’re simply presenting data that’s already accessible to the public in a more user-friendly and structured manner.

We don’t explicitly ask each trader for permission because this information is innately open. However, we understand the importance of privacy and ensure that no personally identifiable information is ever displayed or associated with these transactions on our platform. Our goal at DexCheck is to empower users with comprehensive insights while upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect for privacy.

In your social media, you have announced the upcoming launching of the Referral System! Can you tell us how it will work?

R: Absolutely, we’re thrilled about the upcoming launch of our Referral System! Here’s a glimpse into how it functions:

Once you become a part of our DexCheck community, you can introduce any number of new users through your referral link, and there’s no cap to it. With every trade your referred users make, you earn a percentage of their trading fees, giving our members a fantastic opportunity to generate passive income!

Our commitment has always been to provide our community with the best, which is why our rewards are among the market leaders. Starting your referral journey with us is straightforward, and the potential for earnings increases with every trade your referrals make.

It’s a testament to our belief that the more the community grows, the more rewarding the experience becomes for every member.

Redefining Crypto and NFT Intelligence: Raph, CEO of DexCheck, Spearheading AI-Enhanced Insights and Analysis
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