The Function X Testnet Now Hosts SupraOracles

Function X is excited to announce a partnership with SupraOracles, the foundation’s flagship project.

SupraOracles’ main goal is to build the most efficient blockchain infrastructure possible to support international value exchange. They created SupraOracles to outperform the typical cross-chain oracle. As Function X, they are more than happy to work with them and create a fresh beginning through their Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP).

Oracles are essential for the development of blockchains. Through this collaboration, they will be able to utilize SupraOracle’s ability to get off-chain and cross-chain data that’s swift, reliable, scalable, and with impeccable finality.

About SupraOracles

Traditional financial markets are transforming into the Web3 ecosystem thanks to SupraOracles. It is the intention to offer a trustworthy cross-chain oracle to the developer community. Building, deploying, and managing data applications can be done more quickly, nimbly, and reliably thanks to SupraOracles. By incorporating real-world data into both public and private chains, interoperable smart contracts ensure a secure future for the financial markets.

About Function X Foundation

The Function X Ecosystem, a framework for next-generation internet services that wholly develop on and for the blockchain, is supported by the Function X Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization. It is a brand-new ecosystem that offers a cutting-edge service framework by enhancing the current internet and blockchain architectures, fusing their advantages, and using the most widely-applied technical solutions. The Ecosystem Genesis Fund, which aims to inspire, promote, and make it easier for service providers to join and become anchored in the Function X Ecosystem, is used under the management of the Foundation.


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