SupraOracles x NFT4Play Partnership Agreement

SupraOracles has announced its partnership with NFT4Play, a Play2Earn iGaming platform with meaningful multi-tiered rewards.

NFT4Play is a unique Play2Earn platform that connects NFTs and games through leaderboards, PVP betting and membership pools.

NFT4Play mission; exciting games to players around the world offer their prizes and compete in tournaments for player-versus-player matches binary as allowing you to bet against each other in matches and fights explains.

NFT4Play membership offers its users the most important values, premium benefits and unique iGaming experiences that are considered common. Members can start earning rewards immediately through weekly community distribution programs. In addition, members have early access to exclusive empowered NFT cards, interactive games, multi-course tournaments and guaranteed entries to monthly lottery draws, among other benefits.

The gaming sector is a high-speed, high-transaction volume industry where low gas fees are important. SupraOracles provides ultra-fast and secure problem solving. With instant certainty (3-5 seconds), more transactions can be carried out on the blockchain, which reduces the need for an omnibus wallet and makes it easier to adapt the full PvP game mode. Through this partnership, SupraOracles will also help NFT4PLAY Decode cross-platform functionality that enables greater engagement with a wider community of gamers and makes gaming more fun for everyone.

“The Play2Earn concept serves as the foundation of NFT4Play, which aims to reward users. SupraOracles would make a fantastic partner because they can give us the oracle toolkits we need to complete our objective. By utilizing the best blockchain solutions, we hope to dominate the Play2Earn gaming industry.“ Marc Lee, CEO of NFT4Play

“NFT4Play is a pioneer in the Play2Earn gaming industry. We are happy to accompany them on their journey as partners. SupraOracles is dedicated to assisting such fresh startup ventures with cutting-edge blockchain oracle solutions.“ Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is a platform that combines traditional financial markets with Web3. Their goal is to provide the developer community with a solid cross-chain oracle. SupraOracles combines real-world data with public and private blockchains, enabling interoperable smart contracts to safeguard the future of financial markets. It also provides developers with a set of tools to build, deploy, and maintain faster, more agile, and more robust data applications.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn platform that allows players to create teams and compete individually or in groups. The business caters to a large global community of sports and fantasy games, including eSports.



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