Zed Run: Online Hippodrome

We are going to watch horse races online! Unfortunately, we can’t bet on them as I see 😀 Zed Run gives you the opportunity to buy horses and join the races in their environment. You can go to their website and purchase a horse and join next races. You will connect your wallet and see your balance in the Zed wallet. The Zed Run wallet acts as a gateway between your ETH Balance on the Ethereum Mainnet and your ETH Balance on the Polygon Network. So you can see your current balance and the prizes you win automatically being add to your wallet.

Websites and horses give you the vibe of Tron (Motorcycle movie) with crystal shiny horses. Watching races feature is still in beta I guess because It was a little broken. I can say watching the races may not be very fun but joining the races with your own horses and gain prize is satisfying.

Biggest disadvantage of Zed Run is you can not exactly say why is a horse powerful? It is a question because it is the parameter that makes you win or lose the game. They surely out on some math on the table about that but how can we see that? In the documentation, which you can see by clicking there, is not very clear about that. Among other things, I neither can see a roadmap. As a project, I think they should add these.

I want to mention the investment details about Zed Run. They have raised $700,000 at Seed A, $1,000,000 at Seed B, $20,000,000 At Series A. Other Investors of Zed Run;

I see that they have a pretty long road to go both at technical and PR related stuff. So right now, I am not satisfied by what I saw, like the idea though. In my side there are many deficiencies like lack of roadmap & lack of technical information. For ex. How can we know that all the prizes are get by the players? These are important things when you have to deal with trust problems. Remember, everyone before disproving, Is a scammer in blockchain.

In the end, they have good idea, will develop for sure. I will continue to follow their website for the steps they will take. In the future, they would have a nice seat in the table, who knows. I say, keep looking, there will be something good.



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