Xternity: No-code Platform Powered by Web3

Xternity is a platform that allows Web2 games to be integrated into Web3. It’s interesting that they do this without providing an API or a library.

About Xternity

Using Xternity, you can open an NFT store for your game, provide custom NFTs and enable users to participate in special events, etc. 

In fact, the purpose of the project is to ensure that players can earn something related to the game by showing activity in Web3, even though the game is not Web3-based. Web3 Adaptation is something gained not only with code but with experience. Therefore, Web2 games can test the Web3 experience using Xternity before switching to Web3. Xternity is the opportunity to easily use a 3rd  party application in its own community as a transitional stage. 

Image-1 | Xternity’s Website

One of the interesting aspects of the project, which has won a $ 4.5 million valuation in the investment round conducted by NFX in the pre-seed round, is that only 10 people are currently working on the project. However, the company is currently planning to hire 5 more people. Its investors include companies such as Secret Chord, Flori Ventures and Jibe Ventures. Among the partners of the project are companies such as Binance, FireBlocks and simplex.

Sagi Maman, CEO of Xternity, says about the game in an interview: “Web3 is still at the very beginning of the adoption phase. There are not enough proven use cases and the motivation of brands and games to adopt Web3 is in most cases to explore the potential in this new space before allocating development resources, especially Blockchain developers which are usually not part of their teams. We also suggest our partners to gradually adopt the concept and start with small steps that can be executed with operations or marketing teams. For this reason, we built a console that helps them build a full blown experience without writing one line of code. “


Xternity provides the convenience that will greatly encourage a game during the transition from Web2 to Web3. I think the project will go to much better places if they will make different improvements to gain more communities in the Web3 Experience. 



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