What is Reltime?


It is the third generation of the evolution of the world’s first global, Layer 1, Web3 web technologies.

Located in Oslo, the Reltime Center envisions a world where power is in the hands of people, regardless of income, background, gender, race, ethnicity, building the intellectual financial ecosystem that Reltime embraces.

Reltime’s goal: 100,000,000 people and businesses to be financially free by 2025. It is also being financially free and able to do more with money by sending, receiving, borrowing, lending, earning, bartering, interacting and transacting in the Metaverses and in the real world.


“In the wake of the Solana hack, the cold wallet call has never been bigger. With industry experts advising users to transfer assets from the Internet to a separate device, the announcement by IDEX Biometrics and Reltime on August 9th gives users something to look forward to and look forward to in the near future.”

What Are The Advantages Of Reltime?

Among the advantages, it is eagerly anticipated to provide Web3 Cold Storage as a Service for everyday use within a physical card.

Last year, Reltime developed a cold storage for smartphones. By the end of 2022, Reltime plans to launch a unique and distinctive new generation Web3 biometric card.

Fingerprint biometric pay cards can facilitate contactless payments and change your paying experience.

Thanks to this high-tech authentication platform, you will experience contactless and secure payments, among other advantages.

Reltime Card
Reltime Card

Advantages of the Web3 Biometric Card;

Easy To Setup : Pay cards with biometric feature are easy to set up. It can be done from your own home and you don’t need to go to a bank. Yes, it’s that simple!

Easy To Use : The cardholder can touch the built-in fingerprint sensor when presenting his card to the pay terminal. When a successful biometric match is made, paying is allowed without entering a PIN.

Extremely Safe : While standard four-digit pins are generally considered insecure, it is widely accepted that biometric fingerprint technology is extremely secure. Embedded enterprise-grade biometric algorithms can exceed 99.99 percent authentication accuracy.

Time Saving : It may take some time to enter a PIN, but biometric authorization is a hassle-free and almost instantaneous process. Biometric identification not only speeds up the process, but also guarantees the peace of mind that the consumer looks for every time an individual uses this for the payment.

Private and Personal : The biometric authentication process is uniquely personal and is a user-specific option. It is almost impossible to simulate a person’s unique fingerprint. Protect privacy by ensuring that the user’s biometric credentials never leave the card

Win-win situation : Consumers and businesses will receive their share of benefits with contactless biometric pay cards. While banks can further reduce payment card fraud and instill trust among customers, retail companies may experience an increase in sales as customers will transact more often and spend less time making payments.

Reltime’s Layer 1 combines the Proof of Authority blockchain with the security on the blockchain with the identity of a user, making it the most reliable and easy-to-use card in the crypto market.

In addition, Reltime has developed a unique ecosystem on the blockchain, making it one of the most advanced global financial platforms in the world that anyone can use and build on with OpenAPI.

In addition, Reltime has launched the fastest way to have your own Web3 financial ecosystem with unique unique services, your own brand, currency, tokens and dApps in just three weeks!

Reltime’s FastTrack to Web3 is a three-week, white-label, custom-built, all-in-one, groundbreaking and state-of-the-art B2B2C Web3 Banking (W3BaaS) solution to partners around the world for companies and trusted brands looking to Decamp to the Web3 embedded finance (blockchain) space.


April December August January 2018 – 2022 in the roadmap, the completion of the web3 ecosystems, the termination of OpenAPI, RTC token listings RTC token and Reltime, founded in January 2010, Conax Technology AS, such as the acquisition of goals such as the acquisition of goals such as the acquisition of Conax Technology AS. The current point is available in the road map table below.

Reltime Roadmap
Reltime Roadmap


Reltime Leadership
Reltime Leadership


While creating the Reltime ecosystem, it aims to develop a unique ecosystem on the blockchain in addition to the Web3 foundation. OpenAPI: If you already have your own application or platform, you may benefit from integrating Reltime’s OpenAPI-based services. Reltime’s Proof of Authority (PoA) has made it one of the most advanced global financial platforms in the world that anyone can use and build on, with everything from the blockchain to the DeFi ecosystem.







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