What is Koibanx?

Founded in 2015, the company currently has more than 70 full-time employees and physical offices in Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Argentina, Uruguay, and is targeting Panama, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Honduras over the next 18 months.

Koibanx securities export platform, payment processing systems, cross-border infrastructure and residential buying, holding, selling, and trading crypto currencies crypto currency and integrated capabilities, such as for more than one block chain-based financial products.

Speaking of Koibanx’s regional presence, a company that has been consolidated for 7 years is the leader in Latam with “real world” gateways bridges that connect to major exchanges and have valid regulatory licenses for tokenization and
It is a blockchain pay platform.

How Does Koibanx Work?

Wallet as a service.

By connecting mobile banking applications, wallets or pay channels to the platform, it allows to transfer, exchange and collect any tokenized asset.

Crypto as a service

Cryptocurrencies infrastructure for your channels. Plug and play solution, the convenience that banks and digital wallets offer to their customers.

Crypto output

It allows merchants to receive payouts in any cryptocurrency on the e-commerce platform, collection provider and gateways. Payments can be credited.

Multi-asset issuing platform

You can set it up on your own platform to issue, exchange and exchange digital assets. It is a series of printing of security, utility and asset-backed tokens with management and market features.

Cross-border settlements

You can collect and close value transactions throughout the region. You can also get it in the USA.

Koibanx Customers

Koibanx Customers
Koibanx Customers

Koibanx Investors

Koibanx İnvestors
Koibanx Investors

Koibanx Summary

Historically, Koibanx was known for its implementations on Ethereum, RSK and other EVM-compatible protocols (the company has implemented financial products on 8 different protocols in the last 7 years), but in the last 18 months the company has launched major products. In the Algorand protocol, Edy Weber, CTO of Koibanx, explained that the type of product that the company implements (highly transactional, equivalent-with higher security standards and uptime) requires a set of conditions (transaction cost, speed, resolved at the read level). It makes Algorand’s proposal the most suitable alternative.



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