CDS Startups Web3 Startup Carv Raises $4M

Web3 Startup Carv Raises $4M

Web3 Startup Carv Raises $4M
Web3 Startup Carv Raises $4M

Carv received an investment of $ 4 million in the round led by Vertex, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, bringing its total valuation to $ 40 million.

Investment Round Highlights

While the funding round was led by Vertex, other names participating in the round included EVOS, Snackclub, Infinity Ventures Crypto, YGG SEA, UpHonest Capital, Lyrik Ventures, Lintentry Foundation, PAKADAO and 7upDAO. With the investments received, the US, Latin American and South East Asian markets are joining the infrastructure and gaming network of Carv.

About Carv Project

Firm aims to protect players identity data by providing decentralized identity solutions to players. At the same time, with this decentralized identity, it aims to create a platform where players can manage their activities, achievements and income in games from a single screen by creating a player-oriented identity structure.

In addition, Carv is creating a data infrastructure for game studios to accurately recognize players and support the improvement of content for players.

Victor Yu, CARV’s co-founder and COO said;

“Gamer activities span across devices, platforms, and into real life. However, their time, effort, and money spent remain data points scattered across isolated ecosystems, with limited value to gamers. By creating the infrastructure to piece these breadcrumbs together, we are unlocking exciting opportunities in how gamers interact in the gaming universe. There is a paradigm shift in how games think about user acquisition, business model, and in-game economy design. With the shift comes challenges to games’ sustainability. CARV is uniquely positioned to work with game partners to address these challenges.”


About Carv

Carv, a Los Angeles-based startup, was founded by Victor Yu. As a completely player-oriented project, company aims to be a platform where players can manage all their gaming activities from a single environment while at the same time providing a decentralized identity opportunity to players. Working with game studios to get better content in front of players, platform provides studios with a data infrastructure for organizing player-oriented game content. The platform has now reached more than 300 thousand users with more than 90 game projects. The monthly active user is more than 160 thousand.


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