Web3 Lifestyle App Gritti Raises $1.7M in the Seed Investment Round

Gritti, the web3 social fitness application that aims to create healthier habits in its users with its superior gamification method, has announced that it has raised $1.7M in funding in a seed investment round.

Lingfeng Innovation Fund led the investment round, while Youbi Capital, Bixin Ventures, Orderly Network, Stratified Capital, and CDI were among the investors participating in the round. The funds raised will spend on improving Gritti’s ability to be a consistent and effective bridge between web2 and web3.

“We led the round for Gritti because we believe not only in their team but also their vision and mission to create a sustainable social fitness platform.”  Nicole Zhang, Partner at Lingfeng Innovation Fund

The unique network that Gritti has created in the world of professional sports, from marathon organizers to athletes and sportswear manufacturers, makes it different from all its competitors. Gritti’s team has previously built one of the most user-friendly global applications with more than 100 million active users and a 45,000-strong “run crew” community. Gritti’s advisors include Horst Bente, Founder of the Adi Dassler Legacy Platform, Former EA Sports China Managing Director Jared Johnson, Former Vice China Vice CEO Bryant Chou, Former HSBC London TMT Head of Investment Banking Umar Ali, and Sami Moughrabie, Managing Partner at Atmos Ventures. Dec.

Gritti, already known for its revolutionary designs in 3D and AR, will also launch the first distribution of NFT sneakers. “Gritti Genesis Sneakers” will launch 2,000 pairs of NFT sneakers in the first phase.

“Unlike some apps, Gritti is built with runners in mind, owning to the team’s deep understanding of how runners move and interact. The mission is simple: Bring the unique benefits of web3 to as many runners as possible and become the world’s preferred ecosystem for people to acquire and maintain a healthier lifestyle.” Joe Hung, Co-Founder, and CMO at Gritti

“I’m very excited about Gritti and its potential to impact people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone should be on the lookout for Gritti as it connects the worlds of culture, content, and lifestyle in a socially-active global community.” Bryant Chou, one of the advisors of Gritti

Gritti’s closed beta is currently in the testing phase, and it is thought that the open beta will be released later this year.



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