UnUniFi Protocol Raised $1.5M in Seed Round

UnUniFi has raised $1.5 million in a seed round led by Gumi Cryptos to create the first decentralized cross-chain NFT platform and Marketplace!

Funding Highlights

Other names participating in the seed round led by Gumi Cryptos Capital included Coincheck, Hyperithm, MZ Web3fund, Arriba Studio and Gumi group. UnUniFi embraces the mission of giving every NFT a DeFi opportunity. After closing the seed round, the company will use the funds raised to develop its products in line with its roadmap and increase its scalability. The protocol first wants to realize its 4th quarter product launches and product-market fit (PMF) targets that are on its roadmaps. To see the UNUNIFI’s roadmap here.

“Many projects have tried to build a financing ecosystem around NFTs, since NFTs have become a significant asset class. However, due to the unique nature of NFTs, low liquidity causes situations where it is hard to recover financing capital. During distressed markets, this becomes a bottleneck. UnUniFi compromises of a marketplace infrastructure with built-in price discovery functionality; this allows liquidity to be secured from the beginning. We believe UnUniFi will be able to create opportunities for the huge market of NFTFi” said Rui Zhang, Managing Partner of Gumi Cryptos Capital.

UnUniFi Investors

About UnUniFi

The company is a Layer1 blockchain protocol established in the Cosmos ecosystem to give DeFi features to NFTs. Platform allows users to generate automatic DeFi returns on borrowed assets. In addition, it is the owner of the title of the first NTFFi platform with the NFT valuation algorithm it has created using real demand data. The API, client library, Bubble plugin, and frontend incentive modules they use will help the company build a successful ecosystem.


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