Unilend V2 is Now Live

Unilend’s V2 is currently live as a testnet! Unilend V2 is a permissionless money market created with the aim of strengthening financial markets and future applications.  

In March 2021, UniledV1 introduced the idea of permissionless loan and flash loan. During that time, we witnessed many tokens listed in V1 without permission and using liquidity through loans for advanced DeFi applications. 

V2 Features

The Unilend V2 has groundbreaking new features ranging from an advanced security system to increased capital efficiency. With the release of V2, United has risen to the stage of being one of the most secure and efficient platforms in the Web3 ecosystem. With some new features and innovations, Unilend V2 offers its users a higher level of security, higher capital efficiency and flexible credit options to reduce risk. 

The developers of Unilend have created a model called Isolated Dual Asset Pool. With this model, each crypto-asset pair will exist as an independent pool. In this way, a high-security system is formed in which the variability of an asset does not affect other products on the protocol. In other words, in any negative scenario, the entire protocol will not be affected by the variability that occurs in an asset. 

Another feature of the Unilend V2 is the Non-Fungible Liquidity positions. In V2, NFTs are used as certificates for equities. Lenders will have an NFT that carries the right to withdraw money from the pool. The NFTs in the Unilend V2 will store multiple data points, including the token address and the credit and debit balances of the asset. 

About Unilend

UniLend is a permissionless, decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services via smart contracts.

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