UGC90 Receives Funding From The Sandbox

Turkish startup UGC90 announced that it has received investment from the “The Sandbox Game Maker” fund of the world-famous Metaverse platform Sandbox for the Hero of Troy game.

The First Turkish Project to Receive a Global Metaverse Grant

The Turkish game company UGC90 received a total of 300M SAND, or about 3 million Turkish lira, from The Sandbox Game Maker fund, and with this fund, it also became the first Turkish project to receive a Global Metaverse grant. The Hero of Troy game will be about the Trojan war and will be published on the Sandbox, the world-famous Metaverse platform.
Click here to be informed about the developments about the Hero of Troy game. UGC90 CEO Burak Günsev said;

“We are just beginning to build the future in virtual worlds. We have opened an essential path for the blockchain and NFT ecosystem entrepreneurs in our country, with our team consisting entirely of Turkish developers and our cooperation with the world’s largest metaverse platforms in a short time since our establishment. The most important achievement of Hero of Troy, for which we received funding support, is to enter the Sandbox platform and increase the global awareness that the Trojan War legend took place on Turkish soil. Our dream is to support the promotion of Turkey’s history and culture in the global metaverse economy, as well as the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

Hero of Troy
Hero of Troy

About UGC90

UGC90 was founded by Burak Günsev in 2021 with a team of experts in the field of NFT and Metaverse games. In addition to game development services, UGC90 provides the services required for game companies to enter the Metaverse, blockchain and NFT world. UGC90 provides support to game studios and startups to become the leader of the Metaverse universe.


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