TVCoins Raises $10 Million from Seed Funding

 Image 1 : TV Coins Website
Image 1 : TV Coins Website

Video distribution and monetization start-up It secures financing managed by Roumell Asset Management and The Hoerner Planning Group, LLC.

BOSTON , August 22, 2022 –   TVCoins, the white-label Free Advertising-Supported TV (FAST) platform, today announced the successful completion of an initial capital raising of $10 million. The startup’s disruptive approach to launching video streaming applications and its built-in audience incentive program has attracted a lot of interest from investors.

TVCoins has completed its initial capital increase, which was simplified by Roumell Asset Management, LLC, an asset management company headquartered in Chevy Chase, MD. Hoerner Planning Group, LLC, a national financial advisory firm headquartered in Middleburg, VA., was one of the key investors in this round.

“This capital has allowed us to launch a platform that can eliminate the barriers that have historically prevented content owners from entering the video streaming Sunday.” said Yossi Aloni, CEO of TVCoins. “The support of Roumell and The Hoerner Planning Group, LLC, together with other seed investors, allowed us to create the TVCoins platform and quickly launch new customers. We look forward to bringing the TVCoins solution to new Sundays in the coming months.”

 “We are proud and excited to play the role we played in funding TVCOINS. The company is ahead of a major secular trend and is led by extremely talented people whom we trust.” said James Roumell, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Roumell Asset.

The feature that makes TVCOINS different is the ability to launch streaming platforms without paying any fees to the customer, regardless of the audience size. Target markets include media companies, publishers and any organization that owns licensing rights to the content. The company also introduced a first-of-its-kind audience incentive program designed to increase the number of users. These key features are supported by an ad-supported, revenue-sharing business model supported by a network of supply-and-demand advertising partnerships.

What is TVCoins?

TVCoins is an incentive program that pays you only for streaming video. It rewards viewers for the time they spend watching content on any of the partner apps. The more you watch on this platform, where you can earn digital coins while streaming, the more you will earn.

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