Token Flow Raises $12M in Series A Investment Round!

Token Flow, a blockchain data platform, announced that it had raised $12M in a Series A investment round with participation from Electric Capital, Delta Blockchain Fund and the firm’s seed investor UDHC.

Fund Usage

  • Token Flow will use the new fund raised to develop Token Flow’s unique status processing technology, which takes blockchain data analytics to an entirely new level.
  • In addition, it will expand its staff in many significant departments, such as data engineering, DevOps, and ecosystem development.

Following the completion of the investment round, Ken Deeter, partner of Electric Capital, one of the firms managing the round, said:

“As blockchain-powered applications proliferate, tools that enable deep analysis of on-chain data will become expendable. By significantly simplifying complex analyses, we believe Token Flow’s data platform unlocks a new level of capability and efficiency for developers, investors, DAOs, and institutions. We are very excited to work with the team to help up-level the data sophistication of the entire Web3 ecosystem.”

The Mission of Token Flow

The available blockchain data sources are quite limited, and access to the easily accessible underlying data through nodes.  Token Flow’s proprietary transaction processing technology makes it possible to complete historical analysis of the blockchain, which is considered impossible. Users can now effortlessly analyze smart contract variables, including hashmap keys and complex structures.  This allows data analysts, security researchers and developers to increase their throughput while at the same time using new types of valuable analytics that were previously considered impossible to access.  This method is much more efficient than call and event-based analysis methods and minimizes common complexity errors.

Multi-Chain Service

In the Token Flow beta program, Ethereum launched the dataset service for Goerli and StarkNet and seamlessly responded to tens of thousands of service requests from DeFi protocols, centralized exchanges, DAOs and analytical platforms. The company is currently working on Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Polygon and Avalanche chains. It continues to evolve rapidly, adding higher-level datasets, including basic objects (addresses, contracts, tokens, pools, bridges) and actions to its databases.


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