Support from Capital to Catapult

Catapult, one of the London-based breakthroughs, managed to raise a $ 5 million fund with the support of Capital, one of the largest firms in the Blockchain world.

The Investment Catapult Received

Catapult was in cooperation with Index Coop and Aragon DAO. With the investment made by Capital, Catapult plans to expand its market by taking part in groups such as Popcorn DAO and Bankless DAO.

Catapult investors include Eden Block, Orange DAO, Reverie, Aave, and Teller. Founded in 2021 with the partnership of Rav Singh Sandhu and Gred Wilsenach, Catapult is on the radar of many crypto investors with its growing graph every year. 

What is Catapult?

Catapult, which is primarily a participation tool for Index Coop, is a company that does not have a center and provides tokens for crypto investment strategies. The main purpose of the organization is to bring people together who are new to the crypto world and direct them to the right investment startup centre.

After its establishment, Catapult has become a platform where its members can create profiles, meet and communicate at certain points as a community. Brad Morris, one of the founding leaders of Index Coop related to Catapult, who wants to expand to many parts of the world with the investment, stated that they want to increase the wealth of the Web3 world and create large investment areas.

Catapult officials also announced that the funding rounds ended in July. However, he added that the investments will be used for product development work and that the investments were received in the form of tokens and shares. 


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