Bitcoin Payment API

Strike is a bitcoin payment app, apparently. Firstly, I have to say that one of the most important things about Strike is that their partnerships. Shopify, Blackhawk and NCR are partners of Strike. In the near future, there will be multiple payment methods and Jack Mallers, Founder & CEO of that project is determined to be one of the marbles on that area.

Strike’s most important and probably the only important thing is it’s API. Which can be used by any E-Commerce platform that wants to use Bitcoin on payments. In every country, people should use some centralized brands or organizations etc. to pay online. That has been solved by crypto currency already, but it is not applied correctly today. By implementing crypto payment methods to usual E-Commerce websites, people will see that Crypto Currency is actually applicable. That is like a big foot put on E-Commerce industry if we look how many people shops from Shopify.

image 2
Image 1: Image from Strike’s website.

Strike just raised $80 million for Series B founding round. Considering the concept, it is normal and good for everyone. Ten31 is the leading fundraising VC of Strike, which invests to the bitcoin native companies.

Jack Mallers says in an interview, “We’re moving full speed ahead not just to integrate Strike’s revolutionary payments with leading merchants, but globally, with a variety of businesses and partners to innovate and deliver on more financial inclusion.”

By the Lightning Network, a layer 2 Bitcoin protocol, Strike allows merchants to accept payment with Bitcoin without waiting for the block confirmation. It is needed of course in a stabilized payment method 😀


As you know the crypto currency is a very important and effective element in the near future. We see so many companies which tries to strive in that environment. Strike supports both the community of blockchain and E-Commerce users. In the near future, I am sure we will be seeing that payment method used and liked by its users in the world. Bitcoin is already a leading crypto coin in the world. So why not have a payment method we can use easily in traditional E-Commerce? I say, we need that stuff.


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